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Monday, July 16, 2012

Well, here goes nothin.....

Breakfast.....We had lots of leftovers from Oklahoma Joe's on Friday night, so of course we brought it all home, including the cookies and brownies. I gave most of them, and lots of ribs, to my neighbors for dog sitting for us. I put the remaining cookies in the freezer to avoid chowing down on them. It started off as that innocent little piece in the top left corner because so many of the cookies were broken. Then I thought, well, just one more chunk....then just one little bit bigger chunk......until it basically totaled a whole cookie. Apparently, freezing them didn't matter and I CAN eat a frozen cookie for breakfast.

A couple of hours later, I took Tess to the dentist and we stopped for breakfast on the way, which I am certain that Brandi, the dental hygienist, greatly appreciated. I ordered the special, Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast! I've lost all control! I politely asked for an order of scrambled egg whites to make myself feel better....the waitress clearly thought I was nuts, and the person that brought out our order put Tess' grown up plate of food in front of me, and the PB&J breakfast in front of the college kid! Made perfect sense to me......

Please note that it is topped with a healthy serving of fruit.

Okay, I pulled myself together just a bit, ate all of my egg whites, and half of my PB&J French toast. Wowza, it was gooooood!

Then, lots of shoes to return....the ones I did not wear after all.

Running errands makes me hungry.....

We hit some diner I had never been to before. I wanted a BLT. I don't know why. I really am not even a huge fan of the T, but I do enjoy the B and the L taste good on it. They offered it with salmon. Why not?

Oh....sweet potato fries come with that? Uh, ok.

This is what I had for dinner.....

I know.....KILL ME NOW!

I am driving the Newlyweds to the airport in the morning at 4:30 am. If I make it home without stopping at some Truck Stop for the biggest plate of biscuits and gravy they have, I will walk, make healthy choices, and no matter what, count my points tomorrow and get back to the healthy living, because the great comments on my appearance this weekend felt amazing!!

Have an awesome and healthy week!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Yum! You have listed so many of my favorites..peanut buttter, blt's, sweet potato fries, chocolate and diet coke, biscuits and gravy!! Hope this weekend was wonderful!

    1. Hey Libby! It really was everything I could have hoped for them, and more! Now back to blogging about boring old food! :)