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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate! (but not with too much food!)

Today is one of the many days I wonder why I was so Blessed to be born in America. You hear sad stories on the news, or read sad stories in the paper about all the unfortunate lack of Freedom of so many that live in other countries, and as sad as it makes me, it also reminds me that I am truly blessed. Say your prayers today for those that are less fortunate than us, simply because of geography, then thank God for your blessings.

Now, let's CELEBRATE!

I actually continued my Wednesday 6:30 am Bootcamp this morning! Then to Starbuck's......which I believe has become a little too routine. Oooops.

Then to the grocery store. The fridge has been a little bare the last few days. I spent a lot of time in the produce department! NOTHING I really was craving was on sale! Figures.....

I came home and unloaded the gazillion dollars of groceries and reorganized things.......look how happy everybody is!

I'm pretty sure I'll get lots of zero points foods in the next several days!

Breakfast started out as scrambled egg whites, then I thought I should add a turkey sausage link.........1 link = 1 PPV.

............then maybe a laughing cow Queso wedge, then a tortilla! How about a breakfast burrito? Wait! How about a breakfast Taco? What's the difference anyway? Is it just whether you fold the tortilla, or wrap the tortilla? Who knows? I really just wanted an excuse to use my new taco holders! I bet they work better with a hard shell, huh?

It was still delicious! 7 PPV (trying to get rid of these 4 PPV tortillas)

So I'm just chillin with breakfast and a Business Magazine....

.........and I'm always amazed at how different all of our bodies are. Paula lost 30 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size 10. I have lost over 40 pounds and went from a really snug 14 to a nice loose (almost baggy) 12. Urg. I don't have to battle diabetes though, just a big ass and thighs. It's all good.

I was looking for a recipe that included a jalapeño to take to the 4th of July party tonight, and I found one on Pinterest! Of course I did!

Pinterest Poolside Dip

Me neighbor brought me some great veggies and I didn't want to have to toss any out........Don't they look great? Wait....can you see them? It's kinda dark!

I have never, in my whole entire life, bought or cut up a jalapeño. I'm not a big fan of spicy, and frankly, I always thought if you touched the seeds, it would burn your skin and you had to go to the ER. But maybe that's something different. As I carefully cut it open, something stung in my nose and I sneezed. Not kidding. I got the seeds out by only touching the pepper with my knife. It took forever and I almost had to open up a beer due to the stress, but it was 10:00 am, and I said I'd pass on the beer today. I finally got it all chopped up tiny and still couldn't believe the feeling of "burn" in the air. So I put a tiny chopped bit in my mouth. This happened......

......... In MY MOUTH! The recipe called for two jalapeño's. I went with one.
(fine....a little dramatic)

Here's the dippers!

16 crackers are 3 PPV.

All those veggies? ZERO! :)

Then I turned these..............

.........into these.......

They didn't have blue sugar at the store, or I just couldn't find it? I didn't feel like driving all over town looking for it, so sprinkles had to do, with some red sugar on a few for variety. Not Pinterest quality, I know.

Not bad though.......

Pre-Party Snack!

It's kinda weird when your really focused, how delicious fruits and vegetables look and taste! (Dear God, Please let this desire to eat fruits and vegetables last forever! Amen.)

Off to the party with my cooler packed with water and Crystal Light and veggies! I still have 14 points left for the day! That's over half of what I can eat in a day! I feel pretty good about a successful day!

I'll blog tonight's results......tomorrow.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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