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Saturday, May 28, 2011

One of THOSE weeks!

It has been an emotional, crazy, busy week of unexpected events. These are the weeks I turn to food. I haven't figured out why, but I think knowing it is at least a step in the right direction.
My daughter and I went to Pittsburg, Kansas to move her from one apartment to another for next semester. We were so close to Joplin, and it was the day after the tornado, that we knew we couldn't be that close and NOT do something to help. So we picked up some food and water and took it to Joplin to donate. The devastation of Joplin was truly horrifying. It's still unbelievable to me to see such devastation, and know that there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening.
Two days later, we had our own Tornado Warning here in Overland Park. I was at the dentist office where we were all sent to the basement, my daughter was home with the dog, in the basement, and my husband was working in a building with no basement! It all seememd like it was happening so fast.  The warning passed and so did the storm. We were all safe.
The following day I went to a friends farm, about 45 minutes away from home. I always love to go there, because it is so relaxing and always feels like a mini vacation. It was good to get away, but I still can't get the images of Joplin out of my mind. And even though my family is safe, the tornado season is still here, and the thought of something tragic happening here is so very real.
I have dealt with all of the weeks past events by spending time with my family and friends and talking about our fears, trying not to abuse the food. I've done pretty well, but have not made time for excercise this week like I needed to. I'm also trying not to beat myself up about that.
Mike and I are headed to a Bed and Breakfast today around noon. We plan to enjoy the day relaxing, probably sharing a few beers together and enjoying some good food tonight. I am going to enjoy myself, but do my best to make good choices and not let myself get caught up in focusing on the beer and the food, but focusing on our time away together, and the fact that we have each other, and that our family is safe.
Is IS a Bed and Breakfast, so the focus Sunday morning WILL be the breakfast, and I plan to enjoy it!

Hug your family and tell them you love them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Headed to the Farm!

Going to the farm for an overnight with a friend. This usually involves good food, lots of snacks, and LOTS of drinks. My dear friend Stephanie let me know what was on the menu for dinner just in case I needed to plan around what she had planned. Portabella Mushrooms and Marinara Sauce? Yum! She is having pancakes for breakfast, and since I know I will be using my points allowance for adult beverages, I'm going to take fruit for breakfast, and pass on the pancakes. I am taking lots of veggies and low fat dips to snack on.

Looking forward to sitting around the fire and enjoying my MGD 64's!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weigh-In Day!

Yay! Success all the way around. My daughter and I had a great week of being Weight Watcher Buddies and work-out pals. I'm down another .4 lbs. I am now at 177! She had an AWESOME week and lost 3.2 lbs!!!

Here's to another great week to come!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

150lbs??? Are You Insane???

Becoming a Weight Watcher Leader has become my new motivation for losing weight. The whole idea of it sounds like such a great lifestyle change for me. I am changing my health, my looks, and my dress size! I love it! However, I have come to a bump in the road. My goal weight has always been 160 lbs. I have weighed that in my adult life, and I know what it feels like, and I know that by changing my lifestyle, I can maintain that weight.  That is actually 10 pounds over the maximum weight for my height according to the BMI chart, which is the same chart WW’s uses for determining your goal weight.  I was very happy when I found out you could get a note from your doctor and set your goal weight to what your doctor thought would be a healthy weight for you. I got the note! What is the bump in the road? I was reading on the WW website about their employment information, and I had read that you could apply for a leader position if you were within 10 pounds of your goal weight, according to the BMI chart. Then when you reached your goal, you could become a leader. So at my meeting today, I asked my leader if I had to be at the BMI chart recommended weight, or could I be at my doctor’s recommended weight. You know where this is going. I am going to have to weigh 150 pounds if I want to be a leader. I was telling my husband this, and how scared the thought of failure was that I couldn't do this. I never remember weighing that. I know I weighed 155 in high school. He just looked at me and said, "You can do this." I WANT to be a leader. So in saying that, my new goal is 150 lbs. I will reach my goal. I will be a WW leader. 

I CAN DO THIS! (My husband said so.) By the way, how cool is HE??

The Weekend Obstacles??

We headed to the neighborhood bar to listen to one of our favorite local musicians last night! I had a glass of wine before we left. It had been six weeks (?) or so since I had any wine. It tasted sooo good. I had a BIG glass too! 8 pts! Then off to the bar for dinner and tunes. I planned to have 2 bud lights, at 3 pts each, AND I DID! Had a grilled chicken caesar salad, dressing on the side, enjoyed my beers, drank lots of water, and feel GREAT today!
Headed out to Shawnee Mission Park to meet my weight watcher's leader and several other members for a very informal 5K. Looking forward to it!
Then headed to my brother's house for a cookout to celebrate his 50th birthday party. I know the menu is hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, chocolate cake and ice cream. I offered to bring an appetizer plate and a side dish. My appetizer plate is a mix of raw veggies, hummus, ranch, dried apricots and smoked almonds, a little havarti cheese and some crackers. My side dish is a mix of roasted veggies, asparagus, potatoes, new potatoes, red and yellow onions, fresh green beans mixed with a little butter flavored olive oil, fresh black pepper, a little kosher salt and some rosemary and thyme. I just took it out of the oven and it smells DELICIOUS!! I'm going to chill it and serve cold.

Here's to a successful and fun filled day of healthy eating, excercise and some good old fashioned family fun!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Breakfast is SO important!

Headed to the Weight Watcher meeting this morning for some great breakfast ideas!

Low Fat Nutri Grain Waffle toasted with 1 T. Better N Peanut Butter! Add a few banana slices!
Kashi, yogurt, fresh fruit parfait!
Toasted English muffin with an egg and a strip of bacon! Add a slice of cheese!
1 C. Rice Crispies with 1 C. skim milk topped with sliced strawberries!
Sauted bell peppers, onions and mushrooms and scrambled egg whites with salsa wrapped in a tortilla!
Oatmeal topped with a chopped apple!

All great ideas! Remember it's important to eat breakfast to jump start your metabolism, and to help you avoid over eating at lunch time!

Make that first meal of the day a great one!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I remember going to the nurse’s office in grade school, as a class, to be weighed, and get our height. I suppose this was for the school health records? They were teaching us how to eat healthy and take good care of our bodies. I remember specifically learning about the food pyramid. I also remember specifically learning that my weight was more than any of my girl friends. All of the kids were asking one another, “How tall are YOU?” or “How much do YOU weigh?” This was the first time I was aware that I weighed more than any of my friends. I had never thought about it before. I hadn’t noticed our differences. Nobody was teaching me or mentally preparing me how to process this information. I don’t remember anyone saying, “This number is a little high for your age and height”, but I wonder sometimes if someone may have said that to me. I do remember feeling embarrassed.  I remember feeling bad about myself for the first time. I felt like I wasn’t as good as everyone else. I felt ashamed. I had never felt that way until we all shared our numbers. I didn’t know it the day before we were weighed, when I thought I was just like everyone else, but now, because of the numbers, I knew. I was different. I was the only one. I was fat.

Happy Hour!

I do love a Happy Hour and socializing with my friends, but after reviewing my food and exercise journal, I noticed my Happy Hour’s might be getting in the way of me reaching my weight loss goals and the Happiness that THAT would bring me. So I tried a little experiment. I decided I would go two weeks without having an alcoholic beverage and see if I could break my plateau of the 180’s. I sound like maybe I need to attend a meeting other than Weight Watcher’s here? I really just need to remember just because there is beer and wine at the party, I don’t HAVE to drink it, and nobody at the party is going to care what I drink.  I went to two Friday night Happy Hour’s, two Saturday night’s in a bar listening to music with my husband and friends, one book club, and a couple of  driveway casual parties on a beautiful sunny evening. You know what? It really wasn’t a big deal after all. Week one, I lost 3.6. Week two, I gained 0.4. Week three, I had my light beers on two different days and still had a loss of 2.6. I’m torn, but I have an idea that those two weeks made a bigger difference than I think. I think I will limit the adult beverages to once a week, or possibly, have a few weeks with none at all, and remind myself it really isn’t a big deal. It’s all about the lifestyle change. 

You can be certain I will be blogging about this subject some more. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My daughter is home from college for the summer and would like to lose a few pounds and change a few of her “college” habits. She has always been one of my biggest supporters in my weight loss journey. Today, she joined WW with me and I am so excited to have a buddy to share my journey with over the next 10 weeks. We will be going to the gym three days a week for weights and cardio, and two days a week we will be mixing up the cardio outside the gym. Tomorrow she say’s we are doing a “Fat Blaster” video. EEEEKKK!!!  After joining WW and going to the gym, we spent the rest of the morning talking about how excited we are to have each other as a support system. Then for lunch I showed her how to make a salad full of veggies that she actually LOVED! As a kid, she was a pretty picky eater, so her willingness to try new things has me ecstatic! She has a few concern’s about making changes while at home over the summer, and then being able to take those changes back to school with her in the Fall. I am going to do my best to put myself into the mind of a 19 year old and see what I can come up with.

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I remember the day I stepped on the scale and it said 212 lbs! That was the same day I had bent over, while sitting on a bench, to tie my shoes. I couldn't figure out what was lying in my lap all bunched up. It was my stomach. I can't rember if I laughed or cried, I'm sure one or the other happened.
It feels so good to be able to touch my toes now or tie my shoes without feeling that "bunch".
My daughter recently purchased a new "used" car. We have discovered that the trunk is leaking somewhere. I thought it would be a good idea to get in the trunk, have my daughter close the lid,  and see if I could see any daylight. The most amazing part of this little test? I could comfortable climb IN the trunk and MOVE a bit! NO WAY I COULD HAVE DONE THAT AT 212!!

It's the simple things, really.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Banana Pancake

This is a GREAT way to change things up a little bit for breakfast!

You gotta play with this a couple of times. I mastered it by the third time.

1/2 C quick cooking oats
2 egg whites
1 smashed banana
1/2 t vanilla
1/2 t cinnamon 

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Heat skillet on medium-low, coat with cooking spray. It's really important to not get your skillet too hot. Pour mixture onto heated skillet. Spread out into about an 8” circle? Let cook about 4 minutes or until you can scoot it around the skillet a bit. I cut it into four pieces to flip. Flip and cook about another 2 minutes. Put on plate. I put 3 choc chips on each quarter and top all with 1 T. syrup. Let set while you fix yourself something to drink. Then the choc will be melted just enough to spread around.  The secret is not to cook too high or it will really brown before it is ready to flip.  

I would admit this doesn’t really taste like a pancake, but I love oatmeal and was looking for some new ways to eat it when I found this. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Smashburger! Yikes!

So I probably should have looked up the nutritional information BEFORE suggesting to the family that we head to Smashburger for a Sunday Funday! Most of the burgers are around 50 grams of protein, 60+ carbs, and 60+ grams of fat! It's around 30 PointsPlus!! Egads. I'm really gonna have to work hard at the gym tomorrow and Tuesday for the results I was hoping for Wednesday morning when I step on that scale at Weight Watcher's.

But seriously? It was DELICIOUS!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dear Size 12,

It’s really nice to see you again. I was never really happy with your neighbor, size 14, and frankly, size 14’s neighbor, size 16, really pissed me off and stuck around WAY too long.  I hate to be rude, but since I’m 5’5”, I’m really more interested in your neighbor, size 10. I’m sure you and I will be hanging out for awhile, so I’m very appreciative of you showing up again, but I just wanted to be honest with you, and let you know this is going to be a short term relationship, then I’m going to be moving on.

But Welcome Back!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Love My LUNA!

For breakfast I had my favorite Luna Lemon Zest Bar (9 grams of protein, VERY tasy, and very filling) and a Starbuck's Grande, non-fat, 2 splenda Misto! If the Starbuck's menu is overwhelming and freaks you out, a Misto is simply one half coffee, and one half steamed milk. Delicious! And I get in one of my milk's for the day. The Luna bar is 5 PointsPlus and the Misto is 2 PointsPlus. No need for a midmorning snack on that breakfast! :)

I met a friend at the gym this week on Tuesday morning and on Thursday moring. She has been doing the stationary bike to get her heart rate up, and that's one I hadn't tried. So I gave it a go! WOW! My thighs burned and my BUTT hurt! I'm pretty sure my butt looks different already! Great workout Linda! Thank you!

Going to make lunch now. Another favorite of mine. Taste like a yummy desssert!

2 Cups sliced strawberries (0 pts)
6 ounces Non-fat Vanilla yogurt (2pts)
1/2 Cup Kashi GoLean (2pts)

Sprinkle a few dark chocolate chips on top for a little extra treat! Just don't forget to add the points value.

Mix it all together and enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pee, Exhale, Step on the Scale!

Wednesday is "Weigh In" day for me. I usually step on the scale at home before I head to my WW meeting so I have an idea where I'm going to be. Sometimes it's accurate at home, other times I wonder why I continue this unpredictable routine. Today however? SUCCESS! I was a little worried about over indulging on the Mother's Day Feast I had prepared last Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I made a huge effort to keep the intensity level of my workouts as high as I could tolerate, without falling off of the treadmil, or becoming so dizzy on the stationary bike, I fall off of THAT! I walked into my meeting, pee'd, stepped up to the scale, exhaled, prayed, and stepped on!! I broke the plateau! Today's weight? 179.6. I plan to never see the 180's again. In saying that, and with my experience of ups and downs, I know the four tenths of a pound is going to be crucial for me this week. I'm going to work hard, but not feel defeated no matter what the scale says next Wednesday.

So here's to a week of lot's of cardio, drinking plenty of water, and filling up on fruits and veggies and lean protein!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Points Plus

If you are not a Weight Watcher's member, or if you live in a cave, you may not know that the Weight Watcher's system is based on how many points you are allowed to eat in a day to lose weight at a healthy rate while also learning portion control and a proper well balanced diet. So I will be talking a lot about PointsPlus values. Every food has a PointsPlus value based on .....

a) Protein
b) Carbs
c) Fat
d) Fiber

One of the things I love most about the meetings are all of the members and the new recipes they bring into the meetings, or the products they find while shopping. I get bored REALLY easy, so I love to try new things. I'll try just about ANYTHING for zero, or little points.

Newest find? Kale Chips! That's right! It's green and leafy and you can turn it into a CHIP!!! I LOVED it!


1 head of Kale, cleaned and patted dry, torn into bite size pieces
1 T. Olive oil (or Olive oil flavored cooking spray)
1 t. kosher salt (or seasoning of your choice)

Put kale on baking sheet covered with parchment paper, and bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes, or just until the edges begin to turn a little brown. Don't burn it!

Let cool, and enjoy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Brutally Honest

I can't really make this blog a success unless I'm completely honest. My life has always been an open book (not always a good thing), so why stop now? If I skip a planned day of excercise, I will be honest about it. If I over eat for the week, I will be honest.

I'm 5'5" (5'4 1/4"), and weigh 182 lbs. According to the BMI chart, I am OBESE. I'm just BIG BONED! Okay, that has worked for me for awhile. In highschool I weighed 155. I always thought I was fat. I was "the fat friend". Never really seemed to hold me back though. I look back at highschool pictures, and I think I look pretty normal. So in the confusion and panic of getting to a goal weight of which I have never been, and maintain, I went to two personal trainers and my doctor. After much pinching and measuring, it has been determined that 160 lbs. is a healthy weight for me. Thank you God!

I have joined WW at least six times in my life. I've never reached  my GOAL weight, according to the WW chart, which is based on the BMI chart, because it seemed so unrealistic to me. After talking with my leader, and determining that a doctor's note could help me reach my own personal, and healthy weight of 160, I knew this time I was joining, and not leaving until I met my goal.

I weighed in at a whopping 207! AND I lost 5 pounds before I joined because anything over 210 seemed WAY more ridiculous! Whatever.

I have been in the 180's now for about six months. The changes I have made in the last six weeks are to get me through the plateau. So far, two weeks a loss, two weeks a gain, one week a loss, one week a gain. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

Off to run/walk for 60 miniutes in an attempt to burn off the Mother's Day feast I participated in!

Six Weeks of Changes

The last six weeks have included many changes. I am now attending a Wednesday Weight Watcher meeting AND a Friday Weight Watcher Meeting. I love my leader, Joan. Every single meeting I leave with something new! Sometimes it's a new "Food Find", other times it is a recipe, other times it's a change in attitude, other times it's a new friend! I leave every meeting knowing I have made a wise decision in going!

Another change I have made? I have never enjoyed excercise. I almost panic at the thought of it. I know how important it is for my health, so I have begun to approach it that way. I met with a trainer for one hour for $50. Totally worth it! Before, I would go to the gym, do the treadmil, then feel lost. So I'd call it a day and leave. Now I have a routine, a heart monitor, (so important to have to really gage how hard you need to be working).  No matter how unenthusiastically I may begin, somehow, my energy picks up and I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment at the end in a way that I never have.

Another change? I journal every single bite of food I put in my mouth! I journal every excercise I do. I include what I did, how long I did it, and what the intensity of the excercise. I love to look back at my week and see what I have accomplished, and where I have made mistakes.

I love to buy Peolpe magazine, come home, put the groceries away and read it front to back. WHY? Do I think I'm going to run into Jennifer Anniston and we're going to have this great girly chat because I know all about her from reading People??? Now, I buy the lastest fitness magazines. I recently bought KC Fitness. I loved reading all about the local people that are participating in weight loss competitions, or the 45 year old grandma who I fantasize about looking like. She is in amazing shape!!

Just a few changes to aid me in my journey!

The Beginning

This is day one of my blog. It has taken me about six weeks to figure out how to do a blog.........probably shouldn't be admitting that? I hope by putting it all out there, I will be able to reach my weight loss goal with a little humor, and hopefully encourage others to do the same. I plan to blog about the food I eat, my excercise routine, my mood and how it affects my weight loss, and recipes I've found that make the weight loss journey and the lifestyle change a bit more enjoyable! I hope you'll follow me!