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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Hour!

I do love a Happy Hour and socializing with my friends, but after reviewing my food and exercise journal, I noticed my Happy Hour’s might be getting in the way of me reaching my weight loss goals and the Happiness that THAT would bring me. So I tried a little experiment. I decided I would go two weeks without having an alcoholic beverage and see if I could break my plateau of the 180’s. I sound like maybe I need to attend a meeting other than Weight Watcher’s here? I really just need to remember just because there is beer and wine at the party, I don’t HAVE to drink it, and nobody at the party is going to care what I drink.  I went to two Friday night Happy Hour’s, two Saturday night’s in a bar listening to music with my husband and friends, one book club, and a couple of  driveway casual parties on a beautiful sunny evening. You know what? It really wasn’t a big deal after all. Week one, I lost 3.6. Week two, I gained 0.4. Week three, I had my light beers on two different days and still had a loss of 2.6. I’m torn, but I have an idea that those two weeks made a bigger difference than I think. I think I will limit the adult beverages to once a week, or possibly, have a few weeks with none at all, and remind myself it really isn’t a big deal. It’s all about the lifestyle change. 

You can be certain I will be blogging about this subject some more. 

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