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Monday, May 9, 2011

Brutally Honest

I can't really make this blog a success unless I'm completely honest. My life has always been an open book (not always a good thing), so why stop now? If I skip a planned day of excercise, I will be honest about it. If I over eat for the week, I will be honest.

I'm 5'5" (5'4 1/4"), and weigh 182 lbs. According to the BMI chart, I am OBESE. I'm just BIG BONED! Okay, that has worked for me for awhile. In highschool I weighed 155. I always thought I was fat. I was "the fat friend". Never really seemed to hold me back though. I look back at highschool pictures, and I think I look pretty normal. So in the confusion and panic of getting to a goal weight of which I have never been, and maintain, I went to two personal trainers and my doctor. After much pinching and measuring, it has been determined that 160 lbs. is a healthy weight for me. Thank you God!

I have joined WW at least six times in my life. I've never reached  my GOAL weight, according to the WW chart, which is based on the BMI chart, because it seemed so unrealistic to me. After talking with my leader, and determining that a doctor's note could help me reach my own personal, and healthy weight of 160, I knew this time I was joining, and not leaving until I met my goal.

I weighed in at a whopping 207! AND I lost 5 pounds before I joined because anything over 210 seemed WAY more ridiculous! Whatever.

I have been in the 180's now for about six months. The changes I have made in the last six weeks are to get me through the plateau. So far, two weeks a loss, two weeks a gain, one week a loss, one week a gain. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

Off to run/walk for 60 miniutes in an attempt to burn off the Mother's Day feast I participated in!

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