Lake Fun!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Nashville Weekend!

A long weekend at the Lake just wasn't enough of a break from life, so we're heading to Nashville!

Actually this trip was planned about two weeks after coming home from the Dominican Republic in January. If you forgot how awesome that trip was, or if you missed that blog post, you might wanna get caught up on our travel adventures, and read all about it, HERE!

As I recall, within just a few days time, we were in the process of filling out paperwork to collect insurance money for Mike's wedding ring that was stolen while we were on vacation, and we were expecting Tess home from Dallas so we could purchase a car for her since she had been T-Boned and her car had been totaled, and I was debating rescheduling my surgery that was three days away, when my friend Laura called, then whispered into the phone......

"Would you be interested in going to Nashville the first weekend in June? Southwest has tickets for $49."

I said.....

"Sounds fun. Are you at work? Why are you whispering?"

She whispered.......

"We'll, I know you have a lot going on right now and you probably don't need one more decision to make, but to get the deal, you need to book it by midnight."

So I booked it.

So glad I did because we are super excited!

So, this whole time I had planned to be at 160 pounds when we leave Friday morning. I have still been to nervous to step on the scale this week. I hit my goal of 162 right on schedule, actually a bit ahead of schedule according to my chart, but just super anxious about this goal.

Yesterday I got in a good 80 minute walk, ate lots of fruit and veggies and chicken, and drank lots of water. More of the same planned for today and tomorrow! I had much more control over my food at the Lake than I will at a Hotel for four days, so now THAT'S heavy on my mind.

June, July and August are going to be hard core months. I should have put myself in more of a "Training mode" before now, but I think that's what I need to do for the three months to come, and to reach my goal of 150 pounds by the end of August.

On Tuesday I will post my exercise goals for that three month period.

Boring post, I know, but that is all that is on my mind until we leave Friday morning.

Oh, except for boots. We're going to Nashville, and I think boots are REQUIRED!! Bought these yesterday!

Oh, and this top.


What are YOUR travel plans for the summer?

What are YOUR fitness goals for the summer?

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!!

First and most importantly.....

A big "Thank You" to all of the service men and women who have served, and are currently serving in the United States Military. Your Service is greatly appreciated!

Here is how Mike and I spent our weekend.......

Swimsuits, boating and a whole bunch of fun, sweet people!!!!

This is our gracious and awesome host, Doug, along with his sweet and crazy friend, Valerie.......and Mike and I!

When we arrived, we walked out to the dock to say "hi". Doug greeted us with a big hug and a ........

"Hey there Farmer and Farmerette!"

I like it. I also think he can never remember my name when he first sees me. Cracks me up!

Here is the back view of Doug's house as we came back from a day on the water.......

There were a mere seven dogs hanging out with us this weekend. Doug has THREE Great are two of them at supper time!! I couldn't fit all three in the camera shot!!! Can you IMAGINE three??????

I'd say this picture sums up the mood of the entire weekend! Relaxed and happy!

I met lots of new friends.........

Her's one of my new friends.......Jessica!

And again.....(she gets me)

A few of the gang at Backwater Jack's, where a "Pain in the Ass" seems to be the beverage of choice! (I had one.)

Possibly.......Mikes favorite. (Mike, regretfully, had three.)

It was a great day on the boat. We ended the evening hanging out on the dock, and later we all enjoyed a meal of Lasagne, salad and garlic toast. I drank ONE "Pain in the Ass" at the bar, and sipped a couple of vodka drinks on the boat. I possibly drank more water than I typically would at home!

Doug has a large group of friends (much younger than the rest of us!) at the Lake and his house definitely is the place to be! I don't even know how many stayed at his house, but I think there were close to 20 for dinner each night, and I can count at least 15 that slept at the house both nights!!!

We woke up Sunday to the smell of coffee. After having a cup, and a Greek Yogurt, I headed out for my walk.

I walked along highway "O", And this was my view. Not bad, huh?

I took the pedometer and walked for over an hour.......

But with all those hills, I had a hard time picking up speed!

So glad I walked though.......

Because we had another day of fun ahead!!!

When I got back to the house, a large breakfast of eggs and hash browns and biscuits had been cooked and consumed. I helped clean up, and didn't even touch a biscuit!

Then a little dock time......deck time......chatting......then packing up the coolers for a second day on the water.

I was ready to go and one of the first ones on the boat! So that's me.....patiently waiting.........with my flavored water and a splash of Vodka.

Then off to "Coconuts"!

We had to tie up to this guy!
There was NO place to park!
It was crazy busy!!

I LOVED this place!! It felt like we just stepped into Florida! Pretty people, sand volleyball, swim up was crazy!!

A large group had just walked away from this little bar with about ten stools, so those of us in our group that could, grabbed a spot! See the band behind us??

This guy (the lead singer) was C R A Z Y fun........

After lots of people watching, off to another bar for a snack, then a nice long boat ride back to the house.....

A little relaxing off our bedroom....

Every time we go, I can hardly wait to go back!!

Dinner was Pork Tenderloin, Rice and possibly the best bacon wrapped, stuffed jalapeƱos that I have ever had!!

Then a late night on the dock.........

The Monday morning walk just didn't happen. It was cloudy, so we all pitched in to change beds, mop, do dishes.......and chat over a cup of coffee here and there. I again, passed on the big breakfast, and opted for a Greek yogurt and an apple.

I wasn't really ready to go, but all good things must end, apparently.

So we drove home in THIS !!!!!!

I was a nervous wreck!! Not only do I hate being the passenger, but I hate driving in the rain, and riding AS a passenger in the rain?????? Please just shoot me now!!!!

But Mikey got us home safely.....

I could hardly wait to see my doggies!

It was great to get away with the hubby and see him relax. It just doesn't happen often enough....

On the way home, Mike told me that he thought I had done a great job of eating healthy, drinking little, and getting in a good morning walk. I was certainly aware of the changes I had made compared to trips to the lake before where I drank endless beers, ate endless chips, never drank water, and certainly didn't pack walking shoes. Will I get to my goal of 160 by the end of the week? I don't know. Maybe by fasting.

I'd write more, but I am headed out the door to walk.......for like six or seven hours.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

Saturday, May 25, 2013

8 Marathons!!!!

Okay, I walked them. And it took me several days, (okay, months) but I'm super impressed with myself for walking all of those miles!!!

209.6 would be FOUR Marathons, and I completed 211 miles!!

It was my goal to walk 200 miles by the end of May, so I completed that goal ahead of schedule!!

Time for a new exercise chart with new exercise goals. I need to figure that out!

So, I worked hard this week, and actually gained a pound! A little puzzled as to why, but know for certain that I have told myself that Trail Mix is a trigger food for me, and I simply shouldn't buy it. This particular mix that I bought this week was all raw nuts and dried cranberries, no chocolate candies OR peanut butter chips. I guess there was just enough sweet in it to get to me. I can't believe that's what did it though???

Not going to be discouraged. I feel good in my clothes, and I am looking forward to our long weekend at the lake.

I have packed my walking clothes, lots of fruit and veggies, flavored waters, regular water and greek yogurts for breakfast. I will eat dinner with the crowd, but plan to do my own thing for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

I'm not gonna lie. The hardest part of this whole weekend, will be getting there, saying hi to everyone, then NOT cracking open a cold beer. I know if I do, I'm done. I have Mikes full support, so that will help a ton!

Next Friday we leave for a trip to Nashville with some friends, and it was my goal to be at 160 by then. I might not quite make that, but getting below the 165 mark was a big success, and I still am keeping my goal of 150 by August 31st.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning!!

My Wednesday started off with and awesome 6.7 mile walk outside!

It was GORGEOUS outside. I felt like it was the first day in a long time that I had absolutely no place I HAD to be, and all I could think about was opening all the windows and giving my house a LONG overdue, good Spring Cleaning! So, I did just that!!

After doing some household paperwork and mail sorting and organizing, I went to work on the house. By 7:30 pm, my house was clean, from top to bottom. It felt sooooo good. I can definitely feel the progress in my shoulder because things (like house cleaning) are beginning to be less difficult to do.

Mike was golfing, so I knew I had all day and most of the evening to get everything done, and it was so gorgeous outside, all I could think about was ending the evening on the deck......

(If you're looking for a good relaxing read on parenting (any age child) and simply learning how to be yourself and accept yourself, I highly recommend.....

Carry On Warrior
Thoughts On Life Unarmed

By Glennon Doyle Melton)

As the sun went down, I flipped "on" my new solar powered umbrella!!!

Um, pretty cool, huh?
Those tiny little lights literally lit up the whole deck!

Looks like I might be hosting Happy Hour with the girls soon!

The scale hasn't budged, so another 6+ mile walk today and lots of fruits and veggies and water. I did get trapped in a "trail mix" situation this week that might have something to do with the scale?? I vow to NEVER NEVER EVER buy Trail Mix as long as I shall live.

Have a Peaceful Day!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Appointment after Appointment......

Lets see, in the last couple of days, I've been to the Physical therapist, the dermatologist, the dentist, took an Ipad class at the Apple Store, and the few days before that, I had a post-op visit with the surgeon, I waited patiently for the carpet cleaners, then waited patiently while the cable guy got the phone and Internet back up and running. I still need to get the dogs to the vet, then I should be caught up! Oh, except for the first time in maybe ten years, I had a cavity at the dentist, and I have to go back to have it filled next month. Urg.

So besides going to appointments, and finding new routes to walk outside, I really have nothing super exciting to say.

I did learn a lot at my iPad class and may possibly take another one. I was there ten minutes early and super excited to be the only one there and have a good one on one 60 minutes of learning how to fully utilize my iPad, until at 6:05, this little lady in her 70's showed up, then at 6:08, another little old lady, then at 6:12, an elderly (at LEAST in their late 50's) couple. I wanted to tell them that Jared started class at 6:01, and I was really absorbing his every word, and they would all have to come back at another time, but nope, I was kind and understanding.

Did you know that if (on your ipad or iphone) you go to Safari, then Bookmarks, scroll to the bottom, there is a User Guide that will pretty much teach you everything you need to know?? I thought this was pretty cool. I certainly learned how to maneuver around my iPhone and iPad better just by reading the user guide.


The scale hasn't budged since Fridays weigh in. The week prior, I gained, the last week was a 3.2 lb loss. Not sure if that means I will maintain this week or not, but I still have two full days before this weeks weigh in!

Just finished up a 6.72 mile walk and chugged a ton of water.

I totally binged on icy cold watermelon yesterday afternoon. Watermelon is zero points, so I don't know if it counts as a binge or not, but it was so juicy and delicious, I just couldn't stop!!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Great Day at the Park!

I have many childhood memories at Antioch Park.

Playing frisbee with my dad and brother.
Sledding with my dad and brother.......and dog.
Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken at a picnic table with Mom, Dad and my brother, and probably the family dog.
Walking our dog across the stepping stones in the lake.

Those silly little stones seem to have a lot of memories tied to them for some reason. Fear, excitement, curiosity. They are just stepping stones, but it was the one place in the park that I always wanted to go to first, at age 6 and at age 46. When I got there yesterday with Tucker, the first place I headed to, was the stones.

My second favorite part of Antioch Park? All the little buildings.

Who knows how many times these little buildings have been painted and then painted again? But as I walked through the park on Sunday, these little buildings were just as full of kids running through them and around them as there were thirty and forty years ago!!

Tucker enjoyed all the people watching just as much as I did.

After visiting my mom and letting her dog and Tucker enjoy a short play date, then going to the park, I headed home for my walk. I am really diggin my App for my phone, Pedometer Free GPS. I drove a route on Thursday, then walked it, to check the accuracy, and was super pleased to find there was only one tenth difference between my car and the Pedometer App. Now I can't leave the house for a walk without it!

I walked with a couple of friends on Saturday that showed me a great new route through the neighborhood. They were just as excited to see the distance of their walk as I was! Their walk included walking up every hill they came to. If they were walking on the path, and there was a part of the path that led to a cul-de-sac, or led to another part of the neighborhood, they would simply walk up the hill, then back down the hill to the main path. Does that make any sense at all? Anyhow, I thought it was a great way to get the heart rate up a bit in little spurts. At the end of our walk, we saw one large black snake, one small ugly striped snake, lots of neighbors and this little guy, right beside my finger.

I have no idea how we didn't step on this teeny tiny turtle!

We walked 6.0 miles! With all the hills, and stopping to chat, we were gone for almost two hours!

When I walked yesterday, I did the best I could to recreate Saturdays walk, but honestly I couldn't remember where all we went, so I just kept circling the neighborhood lake and going up and down any hill I came to. I hated to get too far from home, knowing it was going to storm at any second.

When I got home, I had completed just under 5 miles.


Anybody curious as to where Mike is????

Well, let me tell ya. We will be gone the next couple of weekends, and when that happens, that guy works like a complete fool the two weeks before. As much as I hate his long work hours, I know it makes him much more relaxed when we do go out of town. So, I'm allowing it.

Sundays Eats......

"love the life you live, live the life you love"