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Friday, May 10, 2013

"Is this some kinda IQ test or something?......."

I bought this fancy schmancy wireless speaker for my iPad and iPhone.


So, I took it back to the Verizon store. I had lots of odd questions about my new toy anyhow.

(Holy Cow! Look at that dark cloud! That thunderstorm Wednesday night was ridiculously scary and loud! I sat straight up in bed with every single thunder boom! I don't think Mike heard a thing.) I walked into the store, possibly six employees greeted me at the door, including Adrian, the nice young man that helped me the day before, and who possibly thought I was insane, and kinda dumb. I held up my half-opened wireless/speaker/Boombox thingymabob, and said....

"Is this some kinda IQ test or something? If so, I failed"

They actually agreed that the packaging was crazy, and took it to the back room to open it.....with pliers, which is actually what I tried at home, without success.

Adrian may have already been concerned about me having these new techish toys.

While trying to sell me on the iPhone 5, which I refused, and let him know that the iPhone 4 (which was free) would more than satisfy all of my cell phone needs, I reminded him that I was still amazed that I could actually talk on a phone while walking around OUTSIDE of my house!! This is when Adrian became unsure of me. I didn't blame him.

After my purchase, and a small lesson, I ran out to the car to get my iPad so he could show me all of the amazing things I could do after syncing them together!!

I was a little slow at first with a few of his suggestions and his fancy talk, but slowly I caught on and became super excited! I believe my exact words were.......

"Oh, I get it! This is just like algebra! It usually took me until Thursday before I would understand Mondays lesson!"

Adrian....."We'll thats good, then I guess you aced the test on Friday?"

Yes Adrian. Now you understand me!

Then he wanted to show me when and when NOT to use wifi. I'm not sure I took that all in. He made me click on something called "Hotspots"? Now I can't find it, but at the time, I told him I didn't think it had been named very appropriately and it just sounded dirty. Then he looked at my phone and said.....

"See? Now you're turned on."

Moving forward.

I went home, changed, and headed out for my walk, excited to enjoy my Pandora stations while moving right along. Before I left, I looked at the time on my iPhone, and realized I had a user friendly stopwatch, so I started it.

When I got home, I had been walking for over an hour and 43 minutes!!

The rest of the day involved me learning more about my new toy, enjoying Pandora via my new wireless Boom-box, laundry and dog walks.

I drank lots of water and am hoping to have a decent weigh in this morning. And by decent, I mean I will still be able to reach my goal of 160 by the last Friday in May. Even if I am up a bit, I will still be below my green line on my chart, and I WILL reach my goal at the end of August!

Today's chart before weigh in.......

Here are my current miles walked...160!

I filled up on lean protein, fruits and veggies, and I am looking forward to a very successful week by doing just that and walking many, many miles!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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