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Monday, May 13, 2013

Family Brunch, Family Dinner.....success in Points!

After my motivational meeting with my coach on Saturday morning, I am prepared for a very successful week!

I am going to give you way more details about my food choices in this blog than I am certain you care to know, but I really felt good at the end of the day, and the details of how I got through it were important to me, and were also the result of meeting with my coach and feeling motivated.

Mike and I met my mom, my niece and my brother at Ihop, (apparently the only place my mother will go for breakfast), at 11:00 for our first celebration of the day.

Me, Mom, Niece

I think my Mom said...."I'm going to look so short in between the two of you!"
We told her she looked short no matter what.
I'm 5'5". Mom's 4'8".


I love this kid! She makes me so proud.

I prepared myself for brunch by eating some scrambled egg whites and a couple of clementines before we left the house to go to Ihop. It felt silly to basically "eat a meal" before we went to "eat a meal", but the yogurt I had at 7:00 am wasn't enough and I did not want to show up at the "House of Pancakes" with my stomach growling, and pancakes were sounding DELICIOUS!!

Have you ever ordered something for yourself from the children's menu? Well, I hadn't. Ihop actually has the calorie count listed beside several items on their menu, including the children's menu! I liked this! I ordered the "Baby Cakes" from the children's menu! My meal included 5 silver dollars pancakes, Egg Beaters (I substituted Egg whites) and one slice of turkey bacon, which I didn't eat. My meal was 210 calories and I believe $3.99!! Bonus!!

The weather was great, so when we got home from brunch, I headed out for an easy 4 mile, one hour walk. I'm so excited about all the cool apps on my iPhone!!!

Later in the day, we headed to my in-laws, but before we left, I filled up on fresh fruit and water. I decided to take my big plastic cup with the lid and straw with me to the in-laws. I knew if I had it with me, I would continue to drink extra water, which I did. The Dinner Menu? Turkey, Ham, buns for sandwiches, potato salad, potato casserole, baked beans, green salad and pineapple and strawberries for the kids. Without even thinking about it, I put on my plate one piece of turkey, one piece of ham, no bun, 1/8 cup of potato salad, 1/8 cup of potato casserole, no baked beans, LOTS of green salad with a tiny bit of Ranch, and lots of strawberries! Once I realized I actually had points left for the day, I made a pot of coffee and had a small slice of cake! It was perfect and I left with my appetite completely satisfied and satisfied with the decisions I made.

The best part of the day though, was meeting the newest addition to the family!

Little Rylynn is the fourth great grandchild for my in-laws, and they were loving all the hugs and kisses and picture taking time!

The days eats.....

Feeling Happy!!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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