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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Great Day at the Park!

I have many childhood memories at Antioch Park.

Playing frisbee with my dad and brother.
Sledding with my dad and brother.......and dog.
Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken at a picnic table with Mom, Dad and my brother, and probably the family dog.
Walking our dog across the stepping stones in the lake.

Those silly little stones seem to have a lot of memories tied to them for some reason. Fear, excitement, curiosity. They are just stepping stones, but it was the one place in the park that I always wanted to go to first, at age 6 and at age 46. When I got there yesterday with Tucker, the first place I headed to, was the stones.

My second favorite part of Antioch Park? All the little buildings.

Who knows how many times these little buildings have been painted and then painted again? But as I walked through the park on Sunday, these little buildings were just as full of kids running through them and around them as there were thirty and forty years ago!!

Tucker enjoyed all the people watching just as much as I did.

After visiting my mom and letting her dog and Tucker enjoy a short play date, then going to the park, I headed home for my walk. I am really diggin my App for my phone, Pedometer Free GPS. I drove a route on Thursday, then walked it, to check the accuracy, and was super pleased to find there was only one tenth difference between my car and the Pedometer App. Now I can't leave the house for a walk without it!

I walked with a couple of friends on Saturday that showed me a great new route through the neighborhood. They were just as excited to see the distance of their walk as I was! Their walk included walking up every hill they came to. If they were walking on the path, and there was a part of the path that led to a cul-de-sac, or led to another part of the neighborhood, they would simply walk up the hill, then back down the hill to the main path. Does that make any sense at all? Anyhow, I thought it was a great way to get the heart rate up a bit in little spurts. At the end of our walk, we saw one large black snake, one small ugly striped snake, lots of neighbors and this little guy, right beside my finger.

I have no idea how we didn't step on this teeny tiny turtle!

We walked 6.0 miles! With all the hills, and stopping to chat, we were gone for almost two hours!

When I walked yesterday, I did the best I could to recreate Saturdays walk, but honestly I couldn't remember where all we went, so I just kept circling the neighborhood lake and going up and down any hill I came to. I hated to get too far from home, knowing it was going to storm at any second.

When I got home, I had completed just under 5 miles.


Anybody curious as to where Mike is????

Well, let me tell ya. We will be gone the next couple of weekends, and when that happens, that guy works like a complete fool the two weeks before. As much as I hate his long work hours, I know it makes him much more relaxed when we do go out of town. So, I'm allowing it.

Sundays Eats......

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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