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Saturday, May 25, 2013

8 Marathons!!!!

Okay, I walked them. And it took me several days, (okay, months) but I'm super impressed with myself for walking all of those miles!!!

209.6 would be FOUR Marathons, and I completed 211 miles!!

It was my goal to walk 200 miles by the end of May, so I completed that goal ahead of schedule!!

Time for a new exercise chart with new exercise goals. I need to figure that out!

So, I worked hard this week, and actually gained a pound! A little puzzled as to why, but know for certain that I have told myself that Trail Mix is a trigger food for me, and I simply shouldn't buy it. This particular mix that I bought this week was all raw nuts and dried cranberries, no chocolate candies OR peanut butter chips. I guess there was just enough sweet in it to get to me. I can't believe that's what did it though???

Not going to be discouraged. I feel good in my clothes, and I am looking forward to our long weekend at the lake.

I have packed my walking clothes, lots of fruit and veggies, flavored waters, regular water and greek yogurts for breakfast. I will eat dinner with the crowd, but plan to do my own thing for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

I'm not gonna lie. The hardest part of this whole weekend, will be getting there, saying hi to everyone, then NOT cracking open a cold beer. I know if I do, I'm done. I have Mikes full support, so that will help a ton!

Next Friday we leave for a trip to Nashville with some friends, and it was my goal to be at 160 by then. I might not quite make that, but getting below the 165 mark was a big success, and I still am keeping my goal of 150 by August 31st.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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