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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reality Kicked In.......

Tess did her final "Packing" job and pulled out of the drive way with her Texas plates Tuesday afternoon.

I made her pose for "blogging " purposes......

She loves the camera, so no biggie.....

Then she really left. I cried. She cried before she left. We're just criers.

I know we will both be fine. I really can't believe how she talked about moving away when she was a kid, and how "reality" has kicked in. But I am so happy that she does have a job that will allow her to come home as often as she wants, and also allow me to visit her fairly frequently. We really did get the best of both worlds!!

Monday I walked 6 miles outside and I could really feel it in my butt and hips on Tuesday, but I headed out yesterday afternoon for another long walk, getting in 5 miles on this walk. When I climbed into bed last night, my butt, hips AND chins were achy. I plan to do it again today!

I am at 155 miles on my chart.

I am not going to weigh until Thursday morning at home. I'm a little nervous that I overrate this past weekend, so I am working super hard to make up for things. Exercise, water and fruits and veggies. That's the plan.

I did make a Pinterest dinner last night. Lots of veggies, chicken and Lite Mozzarella. I ended up plating it with a little marinara for extra flavor.


You can click here for the recipe.

I'm the only one that can make a difference for me!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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