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Thursday, May 9, 2013

One of THOSE Days.....

It started off with me in bed and Mike saying.....

"Goodbye, Have a nice day, I love you", just like he does every morning somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 am. Then he followed it with....

"Is today our anniversary?"

to which I replied


to which he replied

"I forgot to get a card"

to which I replied

"It's okay"

I didn't tell him his card was signed and sealed, but I forgot to put it by his phone so he would see it, like I usually do. I mean, I didn't want the guy to feel bad. He told me two days prior that he had a gift in mind for me. Actually, I'm the one that feels bad, because I hadn't really thought completely through a gift for him this year, but I did have plans to purchase something "Ivory" sometime during the day, because when I Googled 14 Year Anniversary gifts, Google told me Ivory was the traditional gift, and a Gold Band was the modern gift. Funny...he did get robbed and the guy took his wedding band. Nice idea, Google! So.....Maybe a new Gold Band? Or an Ivory shirt? Or new Ivory sheets!!! I Love new sheets! Wait, this is just HIS gift, right? Maybe Ivory soap. It's not romantic at all, but who doesn't always have a need for soap?

He told me on Monday, that he had tried to buy my gift then, but it didn't work out so well. Guess what he got me??

An iPhone!!!! I guess I needed to be there to sign stuff, so I ran out Tuesday and took care of things myself.....immediately! Before he changed his mind! That guy really knows how to get to my heart. Now I would agree, this does not seem like a romantic gift, but truly my heart melted when he said it, because he knows I could really care less about what kind of phone I have. I just need to talk and text, nothing fancy. Would I LIKE one? Well sure. Who doesn't enjoy the latest trendy toy? Do I NEED it? Not so much. But the fact that he knew that it would make me happy, and the fact that he just wants me to BE happy, made me feel all sugary sweet about him.


After the 4:30 am "goodbye", I could NOT go back to sleep, so I got up, read, watched Mad Men (I LOVE that show!), blogged, had coffee, and got ready for my 7:30 am mammogram! On the way out of my bedroom door, I tripped, over absolutely nothing, and my entire, extra large cup of coffee went all over my beige carpet and my pants and shoes. I needed to leave my house by 7:30 am, and it was 7:35 am, so I changed pants and shoes, looked at the coffee on the carpet, made a mental note to call the carpet cleaners the first chance I got, stepped over the coffee mug and coffee, and walked out the door, not to return home for another eight hours.

To this.....

"Way to go Mom, you really made a big, bad mess."

"I can't believe you just walked away from it for the entire day."
Mishka was really baffled by my ability to just ...... Walk away.
It's 14 year old carpet!

We need new carpet.

Anyhow, I was in a hurry to get out the door to squish squish. After two good squishes on each breast, she tells me to have a seat, but don't get dressed, they might need more images. That happened last year and it freaked me out! Then she came back to tell me that they did indeed want to look at my right breast again. Then a gazillion things went through my head! Then she came back to tell me everything is fine and she would see me next year. Geeewizzz, tears and worry for nothin!

Get your Annual Mammograms, Ladies!!

Then, I decided a Mani/Pedi was in order. My last pedicure was 14 weeks ago! Right before surgery, and I rarely get a manicure, so I was due. I feel pretty.

Then to Verizon for AN HOUR AND A HALF!! So many decisions to make!

Which iPhone?
Black or White?
Which cover?
Which plan?
Speaker for your iPad?
Car charger?
You know how to work this thing, Lady?

Thanks, Honey!

I picked out this cute cover......

Then shopping for Mike an anniversary gift.

(Next year is our 15 Year Anniversary, and I am hopeful we can get new rings together, so, Ivory it is!)

Hope he likes his new shirt!

When I came home, I took care of the carpet the best that I could. Then I called the carpet cleaners.

I spent the next hour and a half with my new BFF, my iPhone.

I really had planned on day three of a long walk, but my hips and butt and shins argued with me about it, and won.

We went to Bonefish for dinner to celebrate our Anniversary.
I ordered one glass of Red Wine and Caesar Salad topped with Grilled Salmon. Perfect!

After waking up to "One of THOSE Days", it ended up being a really productive, full and Happy Day!

I hope YOU have a Great Day!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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