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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Yesterday was a very full day after meeting with my "coach", but after the revelation that THIS was my life changing month, the rest of the decisions I made feel fairly mundane.......

........except for the crazy ass driver I followed through the city, then rolled down my window to tell a police officer that was beside me at a stoplight about him, but the police officer just said "thank you" and drove away, so I continued to follow the crazy guy to a store, where I waited in the parking lot while he shopped (wondering the whole 20 minutes I was there if he was just late for work since he parked as far away from the door as possible, then did some sort of a sprint/skip into Bed Bath and Beyond), but then he came out with his purchases, so I followed him as he darted in and out of traffic until he turned into a Sub-Division. Then I felt like I had done the cities of Overland Park and Leawood justice by making sure he was off the streets without hurting anyone. You are welcome. Then I went home. But seriously, the rest of the day, totally mundane.......

........except for a great night out to dinner with some new friends that I just might happen to adore.

But the rest? Mundane.

I hope that every one of you MOM'S has a joyous and loved filled Mothers Day.

Brunch with my mom and family, then dinner with Mikes mom and family!

Should be a loved filled day for this mom, with a hint of sadness that Tess isn't close enough to join me for the day.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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