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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Unbelievable Vacation!

Unbelievably good, and some parts.......Unbelievably bad. But truly in the end.........

Unbelievably FUN!

What you are about to read is true. This story is based on the actual events that took place over the last 7 days. The names used in this story are real.

On Wednesday morning we left at 4:30 am to go to the airport. Once there, we would meet up with Dick and Laura, and Buck and Becky. We were going to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Dominican Republic, where we would meet up with Jim and Melissa for an adventure filled week of fun (and other adventures as well, not so fun).

Our first flight into Charlotte was completely uneventful, so for excitement, I reclined my seat, and then put it in it's upright position as many times as possible just to annoy Dick, who was seated behind me. The second flight into the Dominican was a little different. I have often wondered how awful it would be to have to sit beside a complete stranger as they utilized the "barf bag". Well, I have a bit of a better idea about that now. I began to feel a little......odd? I looked at Mike and said "I kinda feel weird. I kinda think I feel sick at my stomach. I kinda feel like I could faint. I think I'm gonna faint. I'm f a i n t i n g . . . . ." Then I fainted. He said my face turned white and my lips turned blue. He said I freaked him out. Then I opened my eyes.....halfway......and vomited. The lady beside me was eating lunch. I felt terrible, for her. Ten minutes later, I was fine. :) I really felt bad for the complete stranger sitting beside me as I utilized the "barf bag".

Now......Laura and Melissa are notorious for getting a "good deal". They will....and a cover charge, get a discount, or a any opportunity that presents itself....or maybe even if it doesn't present itself.

When we checked in, Jim and Melissa greeted us at the entrance all smiles and just a tad tipsy. They let us know that they were very special guest and that they had been moved to the Presidential Suite, and for the rest of the trip, Melissa would be referred to as "The First Lady." They also let us know that they would be hosting a dinner party in their room one night. (Much more on THAT later.) "The First Lady" convinced us all that with a little cash, we could all upgrade our rooms and be right on the beach, probably super close to their very own Presidential Suite. After checking out the resort a bit, and indulging in a few cocktails, we ended the night in Jim and Melissa's suite, agreeing that we ALL should upgrade our rooms. The next morning, after successfully being told we could transfer to a fancy room on the beach, (but not a Presidential Suite) we all made the move. Then we went to visit the "Excursion Desk", and got the rest of the week booked up. Here is where we met Hector. Hector was adorable and we took lots of pictures with him, but unfortunately, I don't have any of those. He was a doll......full of hugs and kisses and smiles all week long! Hector quickly picked up on the fact that "The First Lady" was in charge, and Laura was the funny one, except he called Laura funny looking. I am certain he meant that she looked like she was the funny one, not that she was funny looking. Language barriers.......

We scheduled Couples Massages, Four-wheelers, Horseback Riding, Golf, Trek Bike tours and a city tour that involved zip lines. Then we packed up all that we unpacked the night before so we could move to our upgraded room on the beach! HOLLA!!

Breakfast in bed in the suite that we did have was perfect!!

We all moved to rooms right by one of the many many pools and on the beach, and then we got all settled in. Mike and I actually were "adjoined" to "The First Ladies" presidential Suite. It was an honor. We spent the rest of the day poolside and in the pool. They have those pools that are shallow on the side so you can just set your lounge chair right in the water! Ahhhhh.............

We ate at the Mexican restaurant that night for dinner, and I loved and over indulged in guac and shrimp fajitas! Only seven of us made it to dinner, but I'm not naming any names. ( l a u r a )

Friday morning started with a nice breakfast at one of the many restaurants followed by a group meeting in our room. Then the boys and girls went separate ways. Boys to golf, except for Jim, his shoulder has an ouchy, and girls to trikes! With our helmets, knee pads and elbow pads, we looked more like roller bladders, but we enjoyed our guided tour around the resort. This is where we met Ronald, the photographer, who fell in love with Laura, and then we ALL fell in love with Ronald. One of Ronald's favorite Laura moments was when she laid on the concrete beside her parked trike and posed as though she had fallen off, while Melissa and Becky and I stood beside her with concerned expressions on our face. Later on our tour we asked our trike tour guide to PLEASE stop at the golf course for Cervesa! There, we proceeded to enter the club house in full helmets and pads and demand Cervesa! Such fun friends!!!

Then we had a nice Girly lunch........

.......then to the beach!!

Things were going as one would expect on a vacation. Great fun with friends, lots of drinks, good food, pool time and beach time! Then things changed.

The boys returned early from golf to tell us they had been GUN POINT....on the 11th hole! A guy literally came out of the woods with a ski mask on and put a gun in their faces and demanded all of their cash and wedding rings and then ran back into the woods, apologizing that the Dominican Republic economy was bad. The rest of the day was spent filling out reports, trying to remain calm, and a trip to the Police Station for the guys, which was scary, because later we realized none of the guys had cell phones on them. We were all a little freaked out and clueless as what to do, so we went to the adult pool. True story.

Who knows what to do in a situation like that? Something you just don't plan for. So we pretended not to be freaked out, ordered drinks, and patiently waited for their safe return.

After attempting to calm everyone and then returning to the suite, "The First Lady" took charge and called management to assure that we would have whatever we wanted for the rest of the week. And we did. "The First Lady" ordered an Italian Feast for dinner delivered to the Suite, including wine, champagne and a Birthday cake for Dick. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Dick! You got ROBBED! Brings a whole new meaning to that expression, which we said over and over again the rest of the week. You gotta have fun, people. I am guessing this birthday is one he will never forget.

We had a Complete Italian Feast!
That's "The First Lady".

Delivered to the Suite!

Then Dick cut the cake!

The next morning, Saturday, Mike and I took a nice walk on the beach, then we chilled on the beach and just listened to the know.....actual vacation stuff!

We all met up later for Four Wheeling! Lots of fun! Then Dick and Laura's Four Wheeler broke down. True Story. It was replaced. Then Buck and Becky's Four Wheeler broke down. True Story. Now we just laugh. Then lunch around the pool and lots and lots of pool play with lots of beverages and too few snacks. At some point, and after several beverages, I decided this looked like a good idea.........

With the luck we were having, and by luck, I don't really mean luck at all, I am surprised, yet grateful, that it didn't strangle me!!

Then? Horseback rides on the beach! Mike and I passed on this. I'm allergic, and Mike seemed content to pass on this activity. I did have a good time taking pictures though before they headed out!

The helmet AND the hat cracked me up!!!

Here is "The First Lady" and Jim. She claims that during the ride down the beach, Laura's horse, Burrito, bit her on the leg, but the bite mark looked like an old bicycle wreck scar from her childhood. Like we need to make anything up!!!

Then dinner at The Japanese Steak House! The food was awesome!! Becky did lots of shots! I was impressed! Jim left the table before dinner was served. Too many cocktails. Wussy.

Sunday was Spa Day, and I was really looking forward to this! We all had breakfast and returned to the room to discuss the days events. It was rainy out, and we all ended up hanging out together in the room until we got hungry again. (The food here was all awesome!) so we went to the Pizzeria! Following a full belly of pizza and beer, we went for our spa afternoon! Makes perfect sense to me!

This was my favorite Spa experience ever. It all began with the sauna, followed by a cold shower (not my favorite part at all!), followed by the steam room, followed by an ice bath (surprisingly, I liked this part), followed by a Clay bath, followed by time in the jacuzzi before I met up with Mike in the relaxing area. Then we were escorted to our Couples Suite for our "Romantic Massage". The following things all took place in our private little Massage Suite. I was blown away! First.....they washed our feet! It was a fabulous side by side foot scrub. Then they took us to our steam room with fancy water in a fancy glass! Then? A cold shower in our fancy Suite! Why do they keep doing this cold water thing? I think it might open your pores? Then they put us into our sauna with a cold bottle of water. Then.....still in our private Massage Suite, a bubble bath with champagne!! I was so completely relaxed, I couldn't even imagine how great this massage was going to be. Next was the massage, and the ladies did not disappoint! Everything was perfect. They ended the massage by placing my hand in Mikes hand. It was sweet. I was all relaxed and smiles.

Then? Dinner, drinks and the Casino with our friends! It was my favorite day of vacation! Nobody got robbed or anything!

Monday......everyone (but me) met in the lobby at 8:00 am for a City Tour and Zip line excursion. I had no desire to get up early. I ordered room service and relaxed on my patio.......

Then I walked the beach.....

And played in the sand......

I did this for Dick's Facebook page. I felt bad about his birthday robbery.
(And his name makes me giggle every time I say it)

Then I found a spot and settled in.

If I turn around, I can see our room......

Right behind me is a bar........

This vacation doesn't matter what you might think.

Then the gang returned, and we had lunch. Then more drinks on the beach.......and a few photos.....

Hey boys.....JUMP!
(They tried)

Now flex!
(Or dance)

Jump ladies!
(Perfect, duh)

Do something stupid......

More stupid stuff.....

We're sexy and we know it. (Or just tired of standing.)

We don't know him, but he happened to be walking by.....European?

then more drinks poolside......

This is Ronald, our new friend. He was super sweet all week and was madly in love with Laura. Who isn't?

He was just so happy!

Then, dinner at the Brazilian restaurant. Basically .....Meat on a stick. Then to the casino.....karaoke.......80's Rock Band. It was our last night, so we tried to get it all in.......

Ronald asked to meet us Tuesday morning before we left so he could give us presents! So we planned out our gifts for Ronald.

One more Room Service breakfast and a walk on the beach with my honey....

Then our Good-Byes to Ronald.......

He gave all the girls a special gift. Here is mine. I might be in love.

Laura, his favorite, gave him Dick's sandals. The shoes he did have were too small and hurt his feet, and usually when we would run into Ronald, he was wearing no shoes at all. He was truly ecstatic! Did I mention I might be in love?

Laura also gave him Dicks birthday cake. We just had TOO MUCH food!

I gave him a handkerchief that said "Love" all over it. We all signed our names. (When I saw Ronald in the lobby later, he had the hanky around his neck.) I am in love.

"The First Lady" gave Ronald her Disney Thermal Mugs and Champagne. I found the champagne appropriate, sine she is "The First Lady".

Then it was time to leave......

Believe it or not, while going through security, Mikes back went out.
True Story.

Then we waited in line for our airplane.
(Becky doesn't really like to have her picture taken, so being respectful of that, I am only showing half of her.)


Laura is really sad here because vacation is over, Dick doesn't have a wedding ring anymore, Mike's back is now out, and someone in our group (who really truly shall remain nameless) has a really bad hemorrhoid issue and is NOT looking forward to an all day Travel Day!

Airport madness......(we really did make everything funny)
At times, we took pictures with the guys holding their hands in the air as though they were being robbed. Too early???

Kinda cool, huh?

Glad I took the iPad, I think my camera broke while we were on vacation. Or I don't know how to use it properly. That's always a possibility. Nah........

Mike was in a great deal of pain for the entire flight. He asked me to have the "barf bag" ready just in case. True Story. The Barf Bag comes full circle. He didn't end up needing it. Thank goodness. That really would have ruined the flight for me!

We landed safely, believe it or not.

The Hotel said they will refund our trip, along with refunding Dick and Laura, and Buck and Becky. They said they would also give us a voucher for a future 7 day trip. "The First Lady" and her husband were not involved, so they got screwed and didn't get a free trip, but they still have their cash and Jim's wedding ring. Wait. Jim doesn't even wear a wedding ring. Nothing bad happened to Jim and "The First Lady" the whole entire trip.

This morning, I received this text from "The First Lady".

It says......

"As I am getting ready to leave for work, I realize that there was nothing NORMAL about this vacation. Jim and I didn't leave Punta Cana until 10pm last night, only to find at 2:00am someone broke into his truck. We hope you guys had fun because we did! Love, the First Lady!"

Thank goodness something bad happened to them too, because I was starting to think it just wasn't fair.

Now I can't wait to plan our next vacation together!

A few random photos......

Adult pool....

"The First Lady" ...falling.....

Our view....(pointless picture, but the pool and the beach were right there.)

My alone day at the beach.....

One of the many pools.....

"The First Lady" and her favorite place to sit in her Suite.

Drinks Ladies??

Oh girl.......

The Living Room in the Presidential Suite.....


This is a picture of "Vacation" being swept away.......

In the end.....we all are home safe, and that's really all that matters.

I thank God for my friends that I can truly have fun with staring at a blank wall, or perhaps while sitting on a beautiful beach! They all make me smile and I can't wait for our next adventure!

"Love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Can I go next year? That is way to much to miss out on!

    1. Yes you can! Not sure I can get you a FREE trip though!

  2. Julie-
    You should become a writer. You could MAKE staring at a blank wall sound fun. Truly one trip you will not forget. I love it!

    1. Thanks for reading Shelly! We won't forget this trip for sure!