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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A few Vacation Pictures.....

These are more pictures from "The Unbelievable Vacation" that I felt I HAD to post!


Me and My Man.....

Me and my man AND Dick and The Funny Lady...

This is Hector! He booked our excursions. He picked up on the fact that Lissa was the boss, and Laura was the funny one.

We received kisses from him and and gave him kisses the rest of the week!

Lissa, AKA, "The First Lady" and Jim. (All of the pictures in this post are Thanks to "The First Lady"!)

"Just Becky" and Buck!

Trike rides for the girls! I'm in front! Surprise!!

Strike a pose.....First Lady.

All Giggles.....

Wait! Lip Gloss!!

This is robbery day. While the guys were at the police station, we frantically awaited their hammocks.

Then Laura wanted to play games with the employees......
(Look at me reprimanding her!)

Okay, fine. I'll lighten up. "Cheese!"


Why do we always think this is so damn funny?

Every one of us!

So easily entertained.

Hey Guys! This is a Stick Up! (Too soon?)

Laura thought it was funny. She IS the funny one.

Damn! Is my shellac cracking??

Charlie's Angels......or something.

Laura, telling a joke......or something.

Fresh Coconut?


The whole thing just looked like a bad idea......

But the trails were gorgeous!

I think this is where Dick and The Funny Lady broke down.

Mike showing us that we don't really need a glass after all.

Pool time!

This is when I got all sorts of great ideas!

Like this!

AND this!

Oh look! More props!

Too many beers at the pool makes everything funny......

No beer here, but check out how HOT Dick looks in The Funny Lady's glasses.

Meat on a stick anyone? (I just wanna be in all the pictures...see me?)

But seriously.....meat anyone?

This is odd, because "The First Lady" is a vegetarian.

Then, a Rock Star night!

The Drummer.....he no speak no English, but was all smiles.....

I have noooooo idea......OZZY?

The Lead Singer......Lissa stopped everyone for a picture!!

Random guest all dressed up!

Fun Photo's!

We can laugh now........(Dick is still unsure of making light of the robbery).

Me, taking a picture of Lissa taking a picture of me!

Becky and I have the same taste in vacation shoes!!

Until next trip! And a Free Trip at that. Thank you Mr. Burglar.

I love you honey! Glad we didn't let a little robbery at gun point and fainting and vomiting on the plane and the furnace motor going out at home and your back going out, ruin our otherwise perfect vacation!

You're the BEST!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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