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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pee, Exhale, Step on the Scale!

Wednesday is "Weigh In" day for me. I usually step on the scale at home before I head to my WW meeting so I have an idea where I'm going to be. Sometimes it's accurate at home, other times I wonder why I continue this unpredictable routine. Today however? SUCCESS! I was a little worried about over indulging on the Mother's Day Feast I had prepared last Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I made a huge effort to keep the intensity level of my workouts as high as I could tolerate, without falling off of the treadmil, or becoming so dizzy on the stationary bike, I fall off of THAT! I walked into my meeting, pee'd, stepped up to the scale, exhaled, prayed, and stepped on!! I broke the plateau! Today's weight? 179.6. I plan to never see the 180's again. In saying that, and with my experience of ups and downs, I know the four tenths of a pound is going to be crucial for me this week. I'm going to work hard, but not feel defeated no matter what the scale says next Wednesday.

So here's to a week of lot's of cardio, drinking plenty of water, and filling up on fruits and veggies and lean protein!

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