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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Love My LUNA!

For breakfast I had my favorite Luna Lemon Zest Bar (9 grams of protein, VERY tasy, and very filling) and a Starbuck's Grande, non-fat, 2 splenda Misto! If the Starbuck's menu is overwhelming and freaks you out, a Misto is simply one half coffee, and one half steamed milk. Delicious! And I get in one of my milk's for the day. The Luna bar is 5 PointsPlus and the Misto is 2 PointsPlus. No need for a midmorning snack on that breakfast! :)

I met a friend at the gym this week on Tuesday morning and on Thursday moring. She has been doing the stationary bike to get her heart rate up, and that's one I hadn't tried. So I gave it a go! WOW! My thighs burned and my BUTT hurt! I'm pretty sure my butt looks different already! Great workout Linda! Thank you!

Going to make lunch now. Another favorite of mine. Taste like a yummy desssert!

2 Cups sliced strawberries (0 pts)
6 ounces Non-fat Vanilla yogurt (2pts)
1/2 Cup Kashi GoLean (2pts)

Sprinkle a few dark chocolate chips on top for a little extra treat! Just don't forget to add the points value.

Mix it all together and enjoy!

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