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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Weekend Obstacles??

We headed to the neighborhood bar to listen to one of our favorite local musicians last night! I had a glass of wine before we left. It had been six weeks (?) or so since I had any wine. It tasted sooo good. I had a BIG glass too! 8 pts! Then off to the bar for dinner and tunes. I planned to have 2 bud lights, at 3 pts each, AND I DID! Had a grilled chicken caesar salad, dressing on the side, enjoyed my beers, drank lots of water, and feel GREAT today!
Headed out to Shawnee Mission Park to meet my weight watcher's leader and several other members for a very informal 5K. Looking forward to it!
Then headed to my brother's house for a cookout to celebrate his 50th birthday party. I know the menu is hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, chocolate cake and ice cream. I offered to bring an appetizer plate and a side dish. My appetizer plate is a mix of raw veggies, hummus, ranch, dried apricots and smoked almonds, a little havarti cheese and some crackers. My side dish is a mix of roasted veggies, asparagus, potatoes, new potatoes, red and yellow onions, fresh green beans mixed with a little butter flavored olive oil, fresh black pepper, a little kosher salt and some rosemary and thyme. I just took it out of the oven and it smells DELICIOUS!! I'm going to chill it and serve cold.

Here's to a successful and fun filled day of healthy eating, excercise and some good old fashioned family fun!

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