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Friday, July 20, 2012

Just the facts, Ma'am.

I have been posting my weight each Friday as I weigh in. I know I get to babbling in some of my blogs, so sometimes the facts get lost and my jumbled thoughts in my brain dominate the blog.

These are the facts from the last several weeks. Getting into the 160's was a HUGE breakthrough.

5-11-12. 172.0
5-18-12. 171.8
5-25-12. 170.0
6-01-12. 168.0
6-08-12. 167.8
6-15-12. NWI
6-22-12. 167.2
6-29-12. 170.8
7-06-12. 165.8
7-13-12. Skipped this meeting
7-20-12. NWI

Now, these are the facts, followed by the jumbled thoughts in my brain after I weighed in that day.

5-11-12. 172.0. (Ehhhh.....maintaining.)

5-18-12. 171.8. (Basically, I didn't gain.)

5-25-12. 170.0. (shit, that's almost 160 something!)

6-01-12. 168.0. (seriously? I WEIGH 160 SOMETHING!)

6-08-12. 167.8. (hey, it's only two tenths, but I weigh less than I did last week!)

6-15-12. NWI. (I think I may have gained. I opted for the "No Weigh In" pass because I don't want to see 170 something on that scale.)

6-22-12. 167.2. (my pants feel really different this week.)

6-29-12. 170.8. (crap! Damn water weight)

7-06-12. 165.8. (told ya it was water weight!)

7-13-12. (Skipped this meeting, too much wedding stuff going on.)

7-20-12. NWI. ( I just didn't want to see 170 something, and I am going full speed ahead this week.)

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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