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Monday, July 23, 2012

Online Bootcamp

My 8-Week Bootcamp will end this week. I am so glad my neighborhood girls asked me to join! I get really bad about remembering different exercises to do, and I get bored. So having someone tell me exactly what to do, and changing things up a bit, was exactly what I needed. It was also nice to have workout buddies!

Ironically, pictures of me were posted on the Bootcamp 360 Facebook page this week! Not my most flattering look! I think this move is called the Lumber Jack? You swing the weight up over your head as you stand up, then swing it down as you squat. It's a bitch!

I don't remember the name of this one, but I learned how to stick my butt way out! Like THAT was a challenge!

As this Bootcamp ends, I knew I needed a new challenge. You know that saying......"A friend of a friend of a friend" kind of thing? Well, this is more a "blog from a blog from a blog" kinda thing. I discovered, through another blogger, that I found through yet ANOTHER blogger, a Bootcamp was being offered online for $25. I signed up! Here is where I found the info for the Bootcamp. The official start day is today, so I am doing my best to do them both this week.


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  1. Good for you for doing Bootcamp!!! You rock! I HAVE to start some kind of strength training...all I do is run. I need the strength training to tone and to help with my running..just need to DO IT:(

  2. I get the whole ....just need to DO IT...thing. That's why I did the class with friends. I figured if I was paying for it, AND someone else was counting on me being there, I would be more likely to go. Who knew it would really work!! :)

    1. Doing an activity with a friend AND paying for it are the best motivators!! Like some kind of dummy, I agreed to run a half with my WW leader THIS Saturday!!?? I have lost my mind! The longest I have ever run is 9 miles and I thought I was going to vomit(or worse) then:( She does a "walk/run" method where she runs a mile then walks for 2 minutes. She finished a full marathon that way with a good time so I am willing to try it..I think.