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Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking Club Begins!

I put a message on Facebook and on my "neighborhood online community message board" last week, that I was starting a Neighborhood Walking Club.

We officially started our walking club this Thursday morning! Yay!

We met at 6:00 am at the neighborhood pool and walked for a good 30 minutes! It was great to get out early to socialize and get some activity in! Everyone that showed up was super friendly and loved my idea of a "Walking Club"! (There were two of us.....and a dog. I could hear all my snoring neighbors.)

My dogs are worn out.....and they didn't even go! They really miss me when I'm gone.


Oatmeal Banana Pancake

It's just easier to flip this way. It's HUGE!

I topped it with 1 Tablespoon Better n Peanut Butter, 1/2 sliced banana and a few chocolate chips!

I suppose you could say I liked it.

It's the last day to get all the last minute details done for the Big Wedding! I really only had a few things to do. Mike picked up his tux Wednesday. I got my spray nails are done......Tess came home to help me and run around with me.

We hit Chipotle for lunch for a burrito bowl....yum.

And we hit Papa Murphy's for dinner for a couple of DeLite Pizzas.....yum again....

And some of KC's finest beer to go with it!

We are celebrating our relaxing evening of nothing to do but talk about how excited we all are for our big weekend.....and listen to Mike practice his toast for the rehearsal dinner!

I gotta admit, I lost track of points on Thursday, but did eat a burrito bowl with chicken, no rice, and extra veggies for lunch. The pizzas were the "light, thin crust" pizzas from Papa Murphy's with a salad on the side, and I think the pizza is 6 PPV when properly sliced?? I exercised a LOT this week, and plan on enjoying my weekend without really blowing it.

I am sure I won't have time to blog again until Monday, and that one will be a doooozie......

I will have lots to say about these two!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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  1. Enjoy the wedding weekend!! Can't wait to read all about it!