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Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Day!

I left the house at 8:30 am to get a coffee and have my hair styled. I felt like my biggest responsibilities were over, and now it was just time to look pretty, and enjoy! I had my Luna Bar and my Misto to start off my day......

I had so much fun taking it all in, I really stunk at taking pictures.....but here are a few I did get.

This is one of our grandchildren.....she was one of the flower girls....

Yes, we fixed her sash before the wedding. :)

The Bride arriving at the church to put her gown on.....(probably texting the groom to make sure he's on schedule)

The Bridesmaids getting prepared.....

I didn't take any pictures of the ceremony....I never know what's appropriate?? I know we will have amazing photos from the photographer later.

But I do love this one!

And this one......

And this too.........

Well, and this one as well......

Then the Newlyweds hopped on the trolley car with the wedding party to snap photos all over town before arriving at the reception.......

We left the church and headed to the hotel to get checked in and meet up with friends and family in the lobby....

Jordan and her parents did such an amazing job at making everyone feel so welcome. All of the out of town guest were greeted with Welcome Bags that included all sorts of goodies.....pretzels, water, Kansas City info, KC coffee, driving directions to every event planned, Advil, party cups, koozies and even a door hanger to keep the early risers away from your room! They also provided transportation from the hotel, to the wedding, and back. I know all the guest felt very taken care of.

Here is the amazing view of the city from our room on the 17th floor.

Me and Tess....hanging out in the lobby.......

Then we headed to the reception.....The Grand Ballroom!

After a little cocktail time and socializing, the bride and groom had arrived. A member of the band formally introduced the Wedding Party each as they had walked down the isle at the wedding. Some danced into the ballroom, others wore silly was all so great!

Then, Jordan and Jake were formally introduced...and it really felt magical!

This isn't the best picture, I know. But that is Mike looking at them walking in with their hands in the air and I was crying really hard when I took this!!

The Wedding Party met on the dance floor for a group hug!

While I was busy picking my chin up off of the floor at all the amazing things surrounding me, Tess was super smart and took a picture of her and her dates place cards......

And the cake!

There were three bars throughout the Ballroom....and a photo booth......

.......enjoyed by many......

......and the food and cake were amazing.....AND the band was excellent!

This is a sneak peek at a photo from the wedding photographer!

At midnight we all went outside to send the bride and groom off with Sparklers!! (that's right...I do NOT have a picture...I made Mike hold my sparkler....I am afraid of them)

Then to the Hotel Lobby for more what? Beer! We stayed up with the bride and Groom and Wedding Party and family and friends until 3:00 am! My feet were SO.......that's right.....SWOLLEN! But it didn't matter. I was so happy.

The Day After........

Jordan's parents invited out of town guest and many many more over the next day for an amazing catered brunch, so that we could all share our stories from the magical night. I am so glad they did. it was so nice to get to have just one more day with all of these amazing people and celebrate. More food!

I thought I wouldn't drink for at least a month, but I couldn't pass up a Bloody Mary. I didn't want to be rude. Tess opted for Sangria.

Jordan was just full of surprises, because after eating, she handed out these.......

.......these crosses had been hanging on the pews with large white bows during the wedding. Beautiful!

Well, that sums up an amazing Wedding Weekend!

Food and drinks?? I had a lot of both! Enjoyed every moment!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Jules, you are frickin' skinny!!! Oh my God you look amazing in both of your dresses!!!! Hot, hot, hot!!!!! Everyone is going to think Mike must be rich, since he has such a beautiful, young, trophy wife!!! Keep up the great work!! *Sigh* Seeing you look so awesome after so much hard work helps me stay motivated. Thanks for blogging about your helps to have a fellow traveler on this journey!!

  2. Thank you so much for all of your positive comments. Your blog keeps ME motivated! It's great we have each other! We will have to get together soon and celebrate our successes!