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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turkey Sausage

The serving size is 3 sausages. 3 of these are 3 PPV.

1 Sausage = 1 PPV
I like to make one and cut it up and toss it in my scrambled egg whites. I'm just looking for a little kick to breakfast when I eat these.

I also like to heat up one in the microwave, slice it into three slices, and put it on an egg white sandwich. I get lots of sausage flavor, a taste in every bite, and only 1 PPV.

Occasionally on a Sunday morning, I will cook two small new potatoes in the microwave. Then I dice them up and cook them in a skillet with a little cooking spray and some chopped onion. After thats all brown and crispy, I add two or three chopped up Turkey Sausages, and six egg whites. After it is all cooked, I top with a little shredded cheese, remove from the heat, and put a lid on the top for a minute or so to melt the cheese. This makes an awesome Sunday Breakfast for Mike and I. I always put some fruit on the side. This makes a huge breakfast for 5 to 7 PPV, depending on how many sausages you use, and your cheese and potatoes.

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