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Friday, July 20, 2012


Each new week for me (in Weight Watcher World) starts on Friday. This can sometimes make Wednesday and Thursday difficult, if Monday and Tuesday didn't go so well. In theory, if Monday and Tuesday don't go so well, one would think one would make the best of Wednesday and Thursday, so Friday at the scale goes well, and that makes your week end well, right? But on occasion, Wednesday and Thursday become "screw it" days, because you get to start fresh on Friday! Now, the latter is certainly not the recommended way of Weight Watcher living, or any other kind of living, for that matter. But in attending WW meetings on a regular basis, i have found that this can be an all too common practice.

Today I ended my week of drinks and carbs, and got to start fresh. There is definitely a mental thing going on that says ....."Today is a new day", because the cravings are gone and I am looking forward to Bootcamp in the morning. Today, I get the opportunity to plan and begin my week of what's going to make me feel good about myself when I wake up the next Friday morning. Today's Friday was all about actually seeing the finish line, and speeding up to cross it.

I went to Starbucks to reflect....... :)

While reflecting, I enjoyed a nonfat Misto and a Perfect Oatmeal!

I only had a banana for breakfast, and since it was now 1:30 pm, I added half of all the goodies to my oatmeal. Half of the package of dried fruit, and half of the package of nuts, a sweetener and some cinnamon. (Oatmeal 6 PPV)

Later in the afternoon, I finished off a little leftover salad. 3 PPV

Dinner was out at Sunset Grill, and the weather outside on the patio in the shade was surprisingly pleasant. Hawaiian Skewers with chicken, and a cup of Chicken Tortilla Soup, and of course, lots and lots of water!

Refresh...I can eat 26 points a day.
I can earn Activity Points by doing exercise.
I have an allowance of 49 points that I can dip into if I chose.
I should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water each day.

The food I ate today and it's PPV.

Breakfast = 8
Lunch = 3
Dinner = 15

Total = 26

Activity Points Earned Today = 0
Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 49
How many glasses of water I drank today = 12

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. I totally get what you are saying about the Wednesday, Thursday, "Screw it!" thing! It's funny, but I realized early on that one of the happy accidents of my chart is that I weigh in twice a week. It only worked out that way because when I made my chart, a week turned out to be two grid marks on the poster board. So I said, "OK, I'll mark my weight on my chart twice a week." Since I started on a Monday, my weeks start on Mondays. But I also mark my weight half way through the week, on Thursdays. I didn't think much of it until I was several weeks into my plan. Then, I'd have a Friday night when Jack and I would go play darts, have a couple beers, and eat too much food. I'd wake up the next morning with the carb cravings and want to overeat and realize I couldn't because my next weigh-in was the day after tomorrow. The same thing would happen on Mondays. Mondays have been hard days for me. I don't love my job, so I'd come home Monday nights after "Faking it" all day and just be tired and mentally drained. I'd eat too much, then wake up the next day and realize I had to mark my chart again on Thursday. That straightened me right out. By making the rather haphazard decision to mark my chart twice a week, I accidently solved the, "Well, I've already blown this week," problem. With the help of my chart, my "cheats" stay isolated to several hours, rather than a few days. Those moments still occur, when I overeat and over drink, but they are isolated to the event itself, and I get right back on track. So, I guess I'm saying, that in spite of the common wisdom that once a week is often enough for checking in, I don't think it is. It gives us way too much wiggle room. The twice a week check-in has worked much, much better for me.

    I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts on this...your post just made me remember how much difference my twice-a-week check-ins have made.

    You're doing great. I am super proud of you. And yes! We should get together soon!!! Perhaps we should celebrate our next mini goal. Mine is 184 pounds, because that will be 40 pounds lost. What's yours?

    1. I always love your comments and they are ALWAYS welcome! My next mini goal is 162. That's when I get my next "5 Pound Award". You know I am MUCH slower than you! But maybe my "no drinking" will speed things up and we can get together sooner than later!

    2. Sounds good to me. Let's make a point of getting together and doing something fun after you get your next "5 Pound Award!" I look forward to it. I am sure your "no drinking" (except for two events in August) will make a huge difference. I'm sure you will be relieved to be free of those darn carb cravings!! We'll have to think of something fun to do...

  2. My WI is on tuesday, which kind of makes me stay more careful over the weekends..knowing its comin! My next mini goal is 143 ( I do 5lb goals too) Total lost will be 65lbs.

  3. Libby, would you believe that a long time ago I changed my meeting day from Wed to Fri so I could use my 49 points for my Happy Hours? Urg. No more of that now though. :)