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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Overnight Oats??

I have been blogging about attempting to eat less processed foods. I really like oatmeal and have been trying to eat it a few different ways, rather than just a bowl of oatmeal, and I would like to try to get away from the packets.

I have been following this blog called Peanut Butter Fingers. She's a cute little thing.....young, chipper, lives in Florida, and always has something interesting on her blog. Maybe a trip she took with her husband, or a hike she took with her husband and their dog (seriously, the dog is ADORABLE!), or a book she read (I think she has a book club?) or a simple meal she threw together. She likes to eat Overnight Oats. I always think the pictures of it look good, but you eat it cold, and I think it just sounds weird??

The recipe has 2 T. of Chia Seeds in it. Well, that just makes me giggle. Cha Cha Cha Chia! I can't get the little clay figures out of my head, green chia stuff growing all over??

But here are the chia seeds, fo real!!! Apparently rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The GOOD fat.

Well, you know I had to try I did. You make it the night before, hence the "Overnight Oats". I made it just like she said too, but only ate 1/2. I think she eats all of it! The entire recipe is 12 PPV, and I can NOT eat all of that for breakfast, so 1/2 was plenty. And I was full. Peanut Butter Fingers (her name is Julie, how cute!) works out like a crazy woman and always blogs her workout. Explains her killer bod!!! Maybe she eats a big breakfast to prepare for her workout later???

Go to her site for the recipe.

Overnight Oats from Peanut Butter Fingers

Mix all this together, cover and stick it in the fridge.

Take it out in the morning and it looks like this........kinda the same, but when you stick your spoon in it, the spoon stands up!!!

The recipe says add more milk now, so I did......Then gave it a stir.

She always tops it with strawberries and bananas, or peanut butter, so I tried the just wasn't sweet enough for me, so I added a packet of Truvia. Better.

It's one of those foods I keep taking bites of and trying to decide what I think? The texture is chewy, and it's cold? I mean.........I ate it all.

I really can't throw away food. Momma always said, "There's starving children in China!" I have half left, so I will try again tomorrow with different toppings, but you have to keep trying new things. You just might find a new favorite!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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