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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Didn't even realize it......

I recently had some family members over for breakfast on a Sunday morning. I tried to make things that were point friendly, flavorful, and a bit of a variety.

I made fat free mini cranberry/orange muffins to snack on with coffee upon arrival.

I didn't have Sweet and Low for the coffee, I had Truvia, and I no longer buy fat free half and half.

I had lots of fresh fruit.

I made reduced fat Pillsbury biscuits. I put out strawberry Jam and honey for the biscuits.

I made a large skillet scramble that included eggs, bacon pieces, turkey sausage, potatoes and onions all topped with cheddar cheese.

My 18 year old niece turned up her nose at the muffins. She only likes chocolate chip.

She doesn't like fruit.

She didn't seem real excited about my menu. I told her she could open the pantry and help herself. She asked what cereal we had. Well, we only have one. Kashi. I never eat a bowl of cereal anymore, but I like to top my yogurt with it! She looked at me like I was from Mars!

Then she asked me if she could just have toast. I never buy bread any more, but I had an English muffin? Nope.

Wait! I have some frozen waffles! She toasted them, opens the pantry, and asked....."where's the syrup?" urgggg...threw that away after I read the label on the Lite Aunt Jemima a couple of weeks ago. I pulled out the Blue Agave Nectar, to which she replied ...."I don't like blueberries" I told her she could put honey on her waffles? She said honey is only for biscuits, to which I replied....."you like biscuits?!?! I made biscuits!"

After all that, she sat down with the rest of the family and loaded up her biscuit with a heaping spoonful of the Skillet Scramble!


It did make me realize though how much I have changed what I buy at the grocery store. I kinda enjoyed that realization. 😊

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Also kind of interesting how different your nieces are when it comes to food...

    Good luck at today's meeting! Though I don't think you'll need luck. You've been doing great!!

  2. Seriously......could those two eat more differently? Tess used to be really picky, but she'll try almost anything now, and likes a lot more of it than I ever expected! I think my meeting and weigh in should go well. Hopefully, the party pounds are off and I'm back on track, but I still can't stop thinking about where I would be without my mess up! :) but it's all good! Keep up your awesome journey!