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Friday, March 1, 2013

Silly AND Ridiculous!

Just ask these guys.....

What? Us?

Can we pleeeaaassseeeeeee go outside and play in the snow some more? We're sorry about the floors.....really.

Well, at least give us another treat!!!! You think YOU'RE bored???

Silly and ridiculous? Picture this. Wait. No, don't. I got on the treadmill in my pj's and my walking shoes. The sports bra ain't gonna happen anytime soon, (a regular bra is difficult enough) and dressing still proves to be a bit of a process and somewhat exhausting, so I just added shoes to my pj's and hopped on the treadmill. Silly and ridiculous? Maybe. But I was able to increase my speed to 2.8 mph and I went from a zero incline to a 4% without a tremendous amount of throbbing in my shoulder. Yay! Another mile and a half closer to my goal of 200 miles. Only 195.5 to go!

After tracking the activity points I earned and cleaning up the kitchen, I showered, dressed (ouch), and headed out into the real world, to look at some real people. This entire process took FOREVER! I have enjoyed my GMA family and watching Kelly and Michael, but I NEED PEOPLE! So I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target to be social. I bought a new bathroom scale (I needed one for weighing at home that weighed in tenth's), stocked up on my Keurig coffee's, and made small talk with every human being that made eye contact with me.

Sleeping the last two nights has been much easier, so I am feeling rested and more like myself. Thank goodness! One more week until I see the Doc and get to start going to physical therapy. It just can't come soon enough!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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