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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Foods as Anti-Inflammatory

While getting my medical massage on Tuesday, I had a great chat with Beki, my massage therapist. Well, whenever I have seen her in the past, we have always had good chats, but I find her incredibly interesting to listen to. We talked about inflammation, and Ibuprofen and Naproxen and Ice Packs and Food as a anti-inflammatory.

So I came home and looked up a few of the different foods that work as anti-inflammatories.

Here are some of my favorites that will be easy for me to work into my weekly meals.

Wild Salmon
Green Tea
Blueberries (and most berries)
Sweet potatoes

There were many other foods listed, but these are foods I like AND I even know what they are!!

So for Wednesday, I plan to work in berries, spinach, EVOO, sweet potatoes and Green Tea! I'm curious to see if I feel and sleep better?

A good friend reminded me that shirts can be used for more than just shirts, so when I got hot while walking on the treadmill, I took it off and used it as a headband. Just trying to self entertain.........

I got in my hour, all uphill!

Dinner was a big skillet of seasoned bite size pieces of chicken breast and a nice variety of roasted veggies. Sweet potatoes, red onions, Brussels sprouts and carrots.


Wednesday's Eats.....

I did sleep well last night. Green tea before bed and a variety of the foods listed above throughout the day. I wonder if it's that whole placebo effect thingymabob???? I don't care. I feel rested. I'm trying it again today.


"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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