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Monday, March 4, 2013

I just feeeeeel so good.

I really do!

Part of my new plan is to not only weigh on Friday mornings at my WW meeting, but also to weigh at home on Monday mornings. Last week I bought a new scale and weighed on it at home before I went to my meeting on Friday. My home scale said I weighed 170.0, but the WW scale (2 hours later and fully clothed with a cup of coffee in my belly) I weighed 170.8. Not a big deal, but I am just prepared for a little fluctuation there. I talked to my coach about this and she suggested I plot on my chart my WW weight AND my home weight on Fridays. I have been thinking, and I think I will just keep my Friday weight my WW weight, because in the end, that will be "The Official" weight anyhow.

I am quite pleased to share that my weight this morning at home was 169.3. That's down 0.7 from Friday's at home weight!

We almost resumed a normal life this weekend. Mike has been working long weekdays and partial Sundays. :(

That all changed (hopefully for good) and we had a very full, social, family and friend filled weekend!

I'm kinda diggin the whole "Life is Good" theme.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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