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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Date night.....on a Monday!

I thinks it's been obvious that I am ridiculously bored lately.

When I get bored, I get cranky. Guess who suffers? Yip. The husband. And when he's not here? I get irritated with the dogs.

I did get out of the house Monday, ran a few pointless errands (just to be busy), and had the pleasure of lunch with a girlfriend!

Mike called late Monday afternoon to suggest we go out to dinner that night. Now I am a bit curious if it was his dislike of the dinner I made on Sunday night??? But I really do think he was trying to make me smile.

We had a great dinner out, got all caught up on conversation that we missed out on over the weekend, and my salmon was delicious!

When we came home, Mike started a fire and suggested we play a game instead of turn on the TV? Then he pushed two big chairs and an ottoman in front of the fireplace and we played........checkers! It was super sweet and he is back at the top of the list of my favorite people. Not that he ever really left the top of the list, but I vow to be nice to him, for at least the rest of the week. Then I tried not to gloat too much on winning two out of three. :)

I'm certain all are tired of hearing about my pain, but.........

Now I have a bunch of knotted up muscles in my back and neck, so Monday was a painful and frustrating day. I never did make it to the treadmill. So I have now added to my physical therapy a medical massage scheduled for Tuesday to work out some of the knots.

I sound like all of the old people that I know that complain all the time about their aches and pains. This will be my last post about pain. For future, I will just post facts about my progress, which by the way, according to the measurements taken at my PT appointments, is actually really good!

Mondays eats!

"Love the life you live, live the life you love"

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