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Friday, March 22, 2013

Planning for a Great Weekend!

I had a great talk with my "coach" last night. Maybe I refer to her as my "sponsor" from now on. In the middle of my rotten day and in the middle of making decisions that will not get me to my goal, I thought about calling her. I should have, but she has a real job, and I hated to bother her. She let me know that I could call her anytime. Our chat helped a lot, and she reminded me to focus on what my top priorities are. She asked what they were. I replied with.......

1. Healing
2. Losing weight while healing.

She said that each time I hesitate to make a decision that I know is not in my best interest, to think about these two things, and then ask myself. Will this decision help me to reach my goals.

I have a full weekend planned with friends and family, so time alone at home should be limited. When I am home alone, I will follow my schedule.

I had planned on going to my meeting to weigh in and then not stay for the meeting. Too much going on. Instead, I weighed at home. 170. I hate to have to put that on my chart, but it's all part of facing it.

I hope your weekend is great and full of friends and family as well.


"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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