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Friday, March 8, 2013

Four Weeks Post-op and some Quinoa!

As the Doc entered the room with his great big smile (I really do like this guy), he said...

"Well, how's it going?"

To which I replied....

"I am now 100% ambidextrous. Actually, I don't even think I need the right arm anymore, it's just in the way. Take it off. Oh....... why didn't you warn me of all the difficulties a woman might have following this surgery? Styling my hair and putting on my bra are at the top of list of things I should have been warned about!"


"You would be surprised at how much I have learned about bra's from my patients following this surgery."


Then he did the whole physical exam, bending, turning and twisting my arm in positions it had forgotten about.

"Yeeeewwwwouch Doc! Do you know what you're doing???"

Then he informed me that I no longer had to wear the arm/brace/sling thingamabob!!!

"WHAT??? How will people know to keep their distance? It has become my safeguard!! What if someone bumps me and the stitches TEAR?? Are you INSANE????"

Then he had the nerve to just smile and assure me that the stitches would not tear, and after four weeks of healing, it was time to start the movement phase of recovery. He did recommend though, that when out in public it was a good idea to wear it for protection, and that if my arm felt too heavy during the day, or tired, I could put the sling on. WHEW!! Okay, I can handle that.

So, I checked out and walked to my car, CARRYING MY SLING!!!

I felt so normal, I went to the car wash......

After that, I came home to the kitchen table, typing with both hands. It took me a minute to get the right hand up on the table, but after I got through the stretch to get it there, it was all good.

So, the first month was healing, the second month is movement, then we move on to strength. I do love progress!


I am trying to like Quinoa. I'm torn. I guess it's a texture thing. I tried this recipe for a variety in breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Click Here for the recipe.

The recipe calls for 4 eggs and 1/3 C. soy milk, but I used Vanilla Unsweetened Almond milk and 1 C. of egg whites. The recipe suggest a dollop of nut butter on top. I had Better N Peanut Butter, so I took that advice.

After the doc's visit and taking the sling off, my shoulder was feeling pretty tender, but I did manage to get in 40 minutes on the treadmill.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Yay for no brace! Sounds like you are mending nicely! So, what did you think of those bars? I SO want to love scares me because I bought the kind you have to rinse and I don't know if I'm rinsing it enough to remove the bitter taste, and I usually over cook it:(

  2. The bars were 2 PPV, and they were sweet enough for me, but I'm just not crazy about the texture? I don't know if I will eat them all, and I probably won't make that recipe again, but I bought this big bag of Quinoa, so I will just keep trying different recipes. :)