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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Meal Planning...Grocery Shopping

Before I go into planning........

.......... I was so excited to see 169 on the scale at home Saturday morning (which is not on my graph, only Friday and Monday weigh in's will be plotted), that I completely forgot to mention "Life without my sling!"

I haven't worn it since I walked out of the Doc's office on Thursday, (Mike and I dismantled it with a plan for sleeping in mind, but that failed), and while Thursday night was completely sleepless, Friday night and Saturday night were great! (Drugs can be really amazing! So can proper pillow placement.) The weight of my arm has certainly made it achy and kind of a burning feeling, but I am telling myself to push through it. I know when I start working next week with my Physical Therapist, today's pain will mean nothing!!

Saturday was my first treadmill experience without the sling, and I decided to see what I could handle. I have been keeping the speed at 2.5 mph, because that seemed to keep my shoulder from any throbbing. I decided since I was four weeks out from surgery, and a little less sensitive, I would try 3.0 mph and see how it felt. I was also able to put on my heart rate monitor! I kept up my pace for 60 minutes, and I had the incline at 7%. I felt like I had actually exercised for the first time since surgery! Yay! Progress....progress.....progress!!

And I was able to add 3 miles to my chart. I am at 21 miles, and only 179 miles to go!

(I did the treadmill on Sunday after this photo, and added 3 more miles to the chart! Now that I know that I can do 60 minutes at 3.0 mph at a 7% incline, I can't allow myself to do anything less. That's good and sucky all at the same time!)

When I met with my coach on Saturday, I told her how I hated that my line on my weight graph had to go up! She said we should have started my graph at 173.0, which is what I weighed the day before we met and came up with my new plan, so I decided to go ahead and draw it in. It just made me feel a bit better to see the progress. As long as I remain below the green line, I will make it!'

We talked about planning at Fridays WW meeting. Planning for the day, or planning for the entire week. Planning for the week, if you have the time to do that, really does take a lot of stress away from the rest of the week, whether you are a WW member, or just a mom or dad trying to get a meal on the table for your family! I planned five meals for the week, (I asked Mike for a couple of suggestions too) and left a couple of days open for eating out. My coach also really likes the idea of planning. Planning allows you to spend less time thinking about food later in the week. The decisions are, for the most part, made.

Do you plan your meals for the week?

Sunday's eats......

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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