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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friday Reflection

I haven't called a Friday post, "Friday Reflection" in a really long time. It feels good to be able to type that and know that my post is going to be full of positive thoughts and reflections.

First things first. I actually got to go to my WW meeting this morning and join my long lost support group! It had been four weeks!

I got in the shower at 7:15 am, had a cup of Joe, let the dogs out, discovered my diffuser for my hair dryer is a great tool for a one handed styling job, figured out which layers of clothing would be the warmest, yet the easiest to disrobe of at the scale, applied make-up (I know!) and slipped on my Costco fake Uggs, which I adore. It was now 9:15 am! I loaded up the car, then opened the garage door. It was freakin snowing again! That was the reason I had to miss LAST WEEK! I have rear wheel drive, so a 1/2 inch of snow is a real pain in the keester! I have never used the word "keester" before in my life. I did the sign of the cross, made a few other religious gestures, (waved my hands in the air, said a prayer) and got in the car. I really needed this meeting. Well, the Big Guy was listening, because there was no accumulation, I got to my meeting, undressed at the scale and stepped on! DOWN 3.6 from 4 weeks ago! And thats after sitting at home for three weeks!! I feel certain that ridding my home of all trigger foods before surgery was key here. It's weird how the whole planning and recognizing your weaknesses thing can really work. hmmmmmmm.

Speaking of planning.........part of my new plan is to exercise 6 days a week. Friday is the day that I usually have the most things scheduled, so that will be my planned "day off" of exercise. I like this plan. It allows you a day of no exercise without the guilt.

Speaking of I am reading my book, "Younger Next Year for Women", I am finding myself thinking more positively about exercising........forever.

Guess what we discussed at our WW meeting Friday morning?



Make it a priority.
Schedule it.
Mix it up so you don't get bored.
Track it and watch your progress.

I love my WW meeting for many reasons, whether I am losing, or stuck, I always love my meetings. The people there are great, and as I have said many times, I love my leader, Joan. We all do. My Friday meeting is one of the largest WW meetings, I believe in the entire metro area? And that is all because everyone loves to listen to Joan and she inspires us all to never quit.

I have also met many members, and exchanged emails and phone numbers with some really great women. The support and friendship mean a lot to me. I know a few of the members follow my blog, and when I am not losing, or when it is apparent I am struggling, or am disconnected, I feel like I might be letting them down. There is a member I will call "D", because I didn't ask her if she minded if I mentioned her, but she will know from the subject matter who I am talking about. :) She approached me some time ago, and told me she had been reading my blog. I know by the stats that people are reading, but I never really know who, so this always catches me off guard, but encourages me to keep writing. I am fairly certain I apologized for not losing in a while. She told me she was at goal, but was having a hard time maintaining, and reading my blog helped! She said it was relatable, and real. So I am grateful for those that feel that way and continue to read. :)

One of the things she asked me Friday, was how I get my water in everyday? I try to drink 2 glasses at every meal, and the rest is easy for me to get in, usually. I usually fill up a big cup with a lid and a straw, and sip on it all day, and just continue to refill it. But I discovered a new tool while I was messing with my WW app on my iPad this week. You can set a reminder to ask you if you have tracked your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, exercise and YES even your water!! I am on my iPad constantly, so I am enjoying this new little tool I have found. "D", maybe that could work for you??

"D" also has asked me in the past about evening eating. For some reason, it has never been a problem for me. My difficult time is after 3:00 pm, before dinner. It's a real struggle for me if I am home alone. "D" likes sweets, as do I, so I was trying to think of some of my favorite low point, or no point snacks.

I like to slice an apple as thin as possible, put a T. of peanut butter on a plate, and enjoy. "D", I know you like peanut butter, this way you can only eat a little of it and the apple takes FOREVER to eat! :)

I like the low fat Kettle Corn Popcorn too, as long as you have a few points to spare, but you take a long time to eat that too?

How about 1 T. of Better N Peanut butter on 1 PPV toast, with a sliced banana? Thats only 2 PPV?

Have you tried the frozen bananas blended? It really does taste like ice cream. I like to add a few frozen strawberries too!

I don't know if this works for everyone, but I love this tea. it smells great and is full of flavor. I add a Stevia, but I am trying to learn to like my hot tea without sweetener.

Hope those few ideas help!

"Coach" suggested I plan what I am going to eat for the entire day, first thing in the morning. That might help me spend less time thinking about food during the day. Agreed. So I have been working on that. I like the flexibility of spontaneity, but I can do this for the most part. I met a friend for lunch after my meeting, and I didn't even need to open the menu, because I decided this morning, what I would order. I avoided all anxiety about mulling over the higher point options. :)

"Coach" also suggested I only drink alcohol 2x per month, and plan those two occasions at the beginning of the month. There are five Friday's in March. That really jacks with me, cuz I had the whole "every other weekend" thing all plotted out! But I agreed this was doable, still a challenge. I know it has been an issue in delaying my weight loss. (Then we discussed if perhaps there was another meeting I should attending weekly as well.) I just blame the awesome group of friends I have and our love of Friday Night Girl chat combined with a nice glass (bottle) of wine. But, yes, I am willing to make the sacrifice to reach my goal. :)

"Coach" had me make my awesome chart, which I get to mark on today for the first time. Last week when I weighed at home, it was 173.0. We started my chart at 176.0. I cant remember why we did that. "Coach"? Any how, today I weighed 170.8. I feel kinda weird plotting my first weight so far below the goal line, and toyed with the idea of drawing a new chart. But I have decided the closer I get to goal, I know things will slow down a bit, so I am just leaving it as is. This gives me 26 weeks to lose 20.8 pounds.

On the wall behind this chart, to the left, is my chart for walking 200 miles.
(I have never been a chart kinda gal, but I do think I like it!)

Looking forward to an awesome week!

I have had three solid nights of sleep.
I haven't had a pain pill in a week!
I haven't taken any Advil during the day, only Advil PM for sleeping.
I am walking on the treadmill, slowly.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. congrats on the loss on the scale! always a motivation!

  2. We started the chart a couple pound heavier than what you thought you weighed for one very specific reason, and it is personal. When I made my chart I thought I would weight 222 pounds in the morning. So I made my chart starting at 222 pounds. Then when I got up in the morning and weighed myself, I weighed 224 pounds. I had to start marking my chart by putting my start weight 2 pounds higher than my chart went. It felt awful. I did not want you to experience that, so I intentionally suggested giving yourself a little wiggle room. And I do think it is great that you have that wiggle room built in. You may not need it, but that last 10 pounds is going to be the hardest 10 pounds and things may slow down. There is no doubt in my mind (nor in yours) that you can get this done by your goal date. It will be super fun to stay below you goal line for the entire 26 weeks. You may suffer set backs or plateaus now and then, but you be able to stay below your goal line and celebrate that success every single week until you get to 150!

    Congratulations on your awesome weigh-in on Friday. Also, I think it is great that you knew what you were going to eat when you walked into the restaurant. That had to take some of the stress out the decision making and make the whole event more enjoyable.

    Carla is gone and Steve won't be home until one or two this afternoon, then we will take him to the airport later today. I'll give you a call in a bit. I hope your Sunday is off to a great start.

  3. Oh, and I love the photo of you and your family!! That is my favorite one so far!

    1. After I thought about the chart, I realized my plotting on it had the potential to stay below the goal line, and I liked the idea of that! I am so sorry to hear about Steve's friend. I feel terrible and so sad for all of them. Thinking of you all this week