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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Egads.....shoulda planned better.

Morning? Great.

Afternoon? Well.......

I met my dad for lunch at a place we had never been. I had no idea what the menu included. The options were few. I was hungry. I ordered 1/2 turkey sandwich on wheat, a cup of Roasted Red Pepper Bisque and a nonfat latte. The Bisque was wear it all went sour. No, the soup wasn't sour, but I should have thought about this. Bisque means cream. It was good and I ate it all. After I ate my sandwich, I realized I would have probably been fine with just the soup.

When I got home, I looked up the nutritional info. Yip, shoulda just had one or the other.

Dinner? I hadn't planned lunch OR dinner! I wasn't cooking due to leftovers that needed to be eaten, but then I ended up eating a Protein bar that I thought was 5 PPV. I later realized it was 7 PPV.

Then, I over indulged on a banana, fresh pineapple and fresh blueberries, trying to fill up on zero point foods. A cucumber just didn't sound good.

I stayed within my 30 points, I drank 10 glasses of water, I walked 2.5 miles (0.5 mile more than I have been), but I feel like I ate all the wrong things.

Not a big deal really, but it did make me realize that planning what I will eat for the entire day, the first thing in the morning, seemed to be working for me!

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.........

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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