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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fixing Mistakes? Maybe.

First, things are really going well. However, Sunday was just an all around bad day. I had some unexpected stress and by the end of the day, I ended up eating 36 PPV instead of my planned 26 PPV. It's not like I devoured an entire pan of brownies, or a whole pizza, but I ate more than I had planned due to stress, which added to the stress. Funny how that works, huh?

So Monday? I made Monday all about exercise and activity in an attempt to fix Sunday's mistakes.

My PT exercises are to be done 3 to 4 times a day. They suck. But that's what I started the day with. After a good rest, I walked on the treadmill at my 3.0 mph at a 7% incline for 60 minutes, then I felt a spurt of energy and increased the speed to 3.2 mph and walked for another 10 minutes, then I went to 3.3 mph and walked for another 10 minutes. I felt like I made up for a few of the extra points I ate on Sunday. So 80 minutes of a good paced walk, uphill. That's over 4 miles! :) My WW Tools tells me I earned 6 activity points!

I talked with my coach on Saturday about adding in some small strength training while I am working my way back to bootcamp. We came up with a plan of .....

20 crunches
10 lunges
10 squats
1 60 second wall sit

Repeat 4 times.

I am going to do this on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I am certain it earned me some activity points, but I don't know how many?? I will give myself at least 1 activity point.

When I finished my 80 minute treadmill walk, I did the above exercises, four times. Egads. Then I drank a bunch of water. Then I chilled. Then I did PT again.

Then for the first time since surgery, I took Tucker for a walk. Mishka was left behind. I didn't want to risk a leash in my right hand, and a dog deciding to attack a squirrel or a bird. I can't even imagine the pain of the leash being yanked on, so I had to chose one dog. :) We took a short half mile walk.

Later, I met a girlfriend and we walked outside for an hour, at a pretty good pace, so I know we got in at least three miles. That's 5 more activity points.

Then I came home. Then I died. I have earned at least 12 activity points for Monday, walked 7 miles, and have eaten as planned.

I go Tuesday for PT, and I assume we will add more exercises to the current routine. It feels like such a long road. Some are the exercises are just painful, but tolerable. Others just feel impossible.

Sunday's Eats.....

Monday's eats......

This seems worth repeating........

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. I am sorry Sunday was a bad day. Any idea what triggered it? Feel free to call any time.

    You got right back on that horse though! I am proud of you for shaking it off and getting back into the food and exercise program on Monday, rather than letting the entire week slide into a hole! Good job!! Make sure you rest today, if you need it. That was a lot of exercise. I am guessing your body is tired. A nice long slow walk may be all you want to do, today.

    Friday is only three days away. Follow your plan and you will have a great weigh in!!! You are doing it!!

  2. What's up buttercup? I hope all is well. I've been thinking about ya!!