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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thinking about food too much?

I spent most of Tuesday morning blogging about whether I spend too much time thinking about food. After I posted my questionable blog, I went to try the treadmill for the second time since surgery. My goal was 10 minutes, since the first time, my surgery shoulder started throbbing at 15 minutes. Well, I happily and slowly made it to 25 minutes before any throbbing began and I was able to get in a mile.

When I got on the treadmill, I immediately turned on the TV and changed the channel to the Food Network. While watching Giada prepare pasta, my mouth began to water and I started planning dinner in my head.

Okay, fine. Reality. I really do spend a lot of time thinking about food. We had pasta for dinner. :)

Since being home for 2 1/2 weeks and not working, and not running errands and not cooking, I have had a lot of free time on my hands. It has really only been the past few days though that I have felt like doing much. I am so glad Roberta came over on Sunday and we formed a plan, because I could feel myself slipping into lots of negative thinking. I feel much better.

Since I am a bit homebound awhile longer, I will change from reading recipes to reading my new book, "Younger Next Year for Women" and tell you what I like about it.

Geeezzzzz, what should I snack on while I read? Kidding....kidding......kidding. Everybody calm down.

Here is my WW online journal. I will post this for a while and see how I like doing that. It shows my daily points eaten at the top left. It shows what I have remaining from my 49 extra points. It shows activity points earned. A green triangle identifies a Power Food! The star means its a favorite, which means it is something I eat regularly. Then the green boxes at the right are self explanatory and I do get a sense of satisfaction by being able to check some of those off! I always forget to check the vitamin box, but I do take one. I'll work on that. I usually get a teaspoon of oil in somewhere, but have never been in a habit of checking that box either?

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. I like you posting photos of your food journals. I think they are great!

    So you were exercising and thinking about eating pasta at the same time? Interesting!!

    Pasta packs a very high calorie per ounce wallop. I hope you are carefully measuring your pasta. It is a sneaky saboteur of diets.

    I like the idea of you reading, 'Younger Next Year' instead of recipes!! Good idea!!

    We need to talk soon about this weekend. Steve and Carla will both be in town for Kyle Hickman's funeral, which is on Saturday. I have no idea what the weekend will look like. We may want to communicate by phone this weekend, and get together next weekend.

    You are doing great!


    1. Yip. Ironic, huh? Exercising and watching the Food Network. :) We can do phone. Sorry you have a funeral, but enjoy your time with the kids.