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Monday, February 4, 2013

2013, Lucky or Unlucky?

I've never really been a superstitious person. I never DIDN'T schedule something on Friday the 13th. I never carried a rabbits foot. I ALWAYS stepped on a crack, and I never pick up a penny. I just never gave it much thought. I'm one of those people that truly believes that things happen for a reason. Good or bad. I believe that good things happen when they are supposed to happen in our lives and bad things happen when they are supposed to happen. I try really hard to acknowledge when the good things happen as a blessing, and I try to recognize the lesson I need to learn when bad things happen, or how that the bad thing could have been much worse, then I go back to feeling blessed that the bad thing wasn't worse. It just works for me. Most of the time.

I start my blog with this subject today because so far, 2013 has been a little iffy. Certainly great things have happened, like Tess getting her internship, and Mike and I going on a beautiful vacation to the beach with great friends, but a few unfortunate things have happened too, like being robbed at gunpoint, puking on the plane, the furnace going out, the deck falling apart......and so on. Here is where I find the good in the bad. Mike got robbed, but not shot. The guy stole his wedding ring, but our jeweler has one just like it that we can get. The furnace broke and the deck is falling apart, but we can afford to fix those things. I find myself waking up each day wondering what might break today, or what might go wrong, and just preparing myself to handle things with patience and to be calm.

The phone call that I have fearfully anticipated since the day Tess turned 15 and drove by herself for the first time up the street to her part time job at the ice cream store, came Sunday afternoon. Tess had called to tell me she had returned to Dallas from her trip to Nashville for the weekend, and was driving home to her cousins house where she is staying while in Dallas. She had a great time with her new Intern Friends from Southwest, and she was looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with Jason and Sara, her cousin and his wife. She was so happy about her recent travels and the incredible internship she has found herself in. (it's one of those things I think happened for a reason.)

We hung up, and MAYBE five minutes later my cell phone rang, showing her name on the screen. I said "hello?" with a question at the end, like...."what did you forget to tell me?" and there was a deep voice on the other end. I knew IMMEDIATELY what had happened. She had been in a wreck, and I had no idea who was holding her phone, but assumed they called the last person she spoke to. He said something like this......(I could hear her crying in the background). "Ma'am, I just want you to know she is okay, but there has been a bad accident".

Tess was hit while on the Interstate. There were several witnesses that stopped to help her. Her car was hit on the driver's side. The windows busted out leaving her lap and hair full of glass. One of the witnesses was a nurse, and she stopped and held her hand while waiting for the ambulance. They removed Tess from the passengers's side and placed her on a board and put a neck brace on her. All precautions. She was taken to the ER where they took X-rays and did CT scans to check things out. All came back fine and they sent her home with some pain meds and a note not to return to work until Wednesday. The car is a total loss.

She is going to be sore for a while. But here is the good. She is fine. That phone call, as scary as it was at first, could have been so much worse. The blessing is, she is fine. A little shook up and a little sore, but fine. Many prayers of thanks were said last night.

But it leaves me wondering. What else does 2013 have in store? Maybe it's going to be one of those years where a LOT of things are learned and appreciated out of bad situations, OR???????? A whole bunch of good shit it about to go down!!! :)

Here are yesterday's eats......

French Toast
(Made with 1 PPV per/slice bread, Egg Whites, skim milk, cinnamon and vanilla)
Topped with Apples in a Bag

Um.....I don't know why I hadn't thought to put the Apples in a Bag on top of french toast or pancakes before, but this was deeeeelish. No syrup or butter needed.


Coffee with Skim Milk

Tomatoes, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Cheese, Crackers, hummus


(Not your typical Superbowl Dinner)

Roasted Veggies
Carrots, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Asparagus, Potatoes

Uh.....yum. I do love a good Traders Joe's find.

Pinterest Recipe!

Baked Salmon.....

Here's little tab of butter worked just fine.

I loved the baked salmon in the foil. Soft and buttery.

15 PPV

I forgot to buy a new Weight Watchers Tracker. Urg.
My total for the day was 27.
I had a great Treadmill workout that earned me 4 activity points.
I took the mutts for a nice little 15 minute walk.

The food I ate today and it's PPV

Breakfast = 6
Lunch = 6
Snack = 0
Dinner = 15

Total = 27

Activity Points Earned Today = 4
Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 0
How many glasses of water I drank today = 9

Wishful thinking........

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. I found myself getting sick to my stomach and tears running down my face as I read this...I have also been on the recieving end of that phone call. I am so glad Tess is ok! I don't have any words of wisdom for the 'luck' thing. For me, 2011 could not end soon enough...but I made it through alive.

  2. I am glad Tess is OK. That is a blessing. What a scary thing for both of you to go through. On a lighter note, we had French toast for breakfast yesterday, too. I thought that was funny when I read it on your blog. We almost never have French Toast. It must have been French Toast Day!!!!

  3. UGH!! I feel terrible for you! I am SO glad that Tess is ok. This year has to get better!! I love the idea of looking at the "bright" side of bad situations. It could always be worse!

  4. I'm in the french toast and crying club, too. I'm so glad she is o.k.!