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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Nightmare that I Day Dream About

I have really weird dreams. I have often thought about keeping a dream journal, then having it analyzed, but I'm afraid I might learn something about myself that it's just better that I maybe not know. A lot of dreams, I just keep to myself. :)

Here is my day dream that I have had for the last two weeks that is really more of a Nightmare.

"I go under the knife, and the anesthetic has not completely put me under. I can hear "Scalpel" and then I FEEL them cutting on me and I can't scream!!"

Too much? People, this really does happen, and the bad luck around here lately is......well......common!

I see myself being interviewed by Diane Sawyer on 20/20 telling the tragic story of the family with the worst luck ever!

So I have decided before ANYTHING can happen in the morning, I have GOT to meet with the anesthesiologist. (I feel the need to gloat here. I just spelled that word correctly, because spell check didn't change a thing!)

I decided I needed a little ZEN in my day today. I did all the usual stuff I do on Thursdays. One last day of work, errands, one last load of laundry. The usual. But I did decide to get a pedicure to relax just a bit. I went the extra mile and got the "Heel Scraper" pedicure with the extra long massage. I am not the best pedicure client (everything tickles or hurts and I guess I just have super sensitive skin) and I am the Worlds Worst at understanding someone with just a hint of an accent. And for some reason it really can stress me out. (Why I thought this was going to be relaxing is kinda dumb.)Then I try to say words like they do, and then I feel I am insulting them, when I am only trying my best to communicate and make polite conversation. It just wasn't working for me today. So after lots of nodding, and "huh's?", I finally said I was kinda feeling some stress and would like to just close my eyes and relax. Then she dropped the thing you clip all the dead skin away with and it STABBED me in the top of my foot! Not a lot of ZEN, but my toenails are a pretty shade of orange and my heels will not likely cut Mike in bed tonight. And that's a good thing.

Mike mentioned last week that he thought I needed some sort of a visual for my recovery period. I thought this sounded like a good idea, but wasn't really sure what kind of visual would work best. He suggested something I could chart that would show I was feeling better and making progress. I would like to chart my physical therapy, but I don't really know exactly what that is yet. So I decided to chart my mood with Weekly Emoticons, and I decided two weeks after surgery, I would begin to walk 150 miles over the next 12 weeks. That really isn't that many miles in 12 weeks, but it is something to work towards, and it will give something to chart and feel good about. It is my hope that the Doc will give me the "Go Ahead" at the end of that 12 weeks to start back at Bootcamp. So that's what I called my chart that I made.

"The Road to Bootcamp"

The days eats......

I liked that runny egg thing yesterday, and I'm not really a runny egg kinda girl, or maybe I am?

1 Egg
2 Pieces of Toast
Black Coffee


I liked dipping my toast in it!

Salad Bar at the Grocery Store
Lettuce, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes
Chicken, a little taco meat, sour cream, salsa



"The Last Supper"
(You just never know.)

I thought a little today about what I wanted for dinner, then I decided it should be something Mike really likes, since he has a rough few days ahead of him.
(He has NOT had a super great week.)
He loves the Chinese place up the street, and me? I can take it or leave it. All Chinese food, that is. The place up the street is called Savor. But one time, a long long long time ago, Tess and I thought Mike called it Savior. So her and I began to call it "Savior", then we began to call it "Our Lord and Savior", and now, I think I am the only one that calls it "Our Lord and Savior Chinese Food". It's just one of those things that I KNOW for certain her and I are the only ones that find the humor in it, but it kills us every time. So I decided there was not a more appropriate place to get my "Last Supper", than from "Our Lord and Savior Chinese Food".

Mike's...Chicken and Broccoli in some kinda sauce that starts with an "H", or maybe it starts with a "Y", and it's spicy, Fried Rice
2 Crab Rangoon

Julie's.... Chicken and Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce, No Rice
2 Crab Rangoon.

15 PPV

The food I ate today and it's PPV

Breakfast = 4
Lunch = 8
Dinner = 15

Total = 27

Activity Points Earned Today = 0
Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 0
How many glasses of water I drank today = 8

I'll be back in a few days.....

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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