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Friday, February 15, 2013

Ten Things I Can Do With My Left Hand

1. Pee, all by myself. (I was worried about this one.)
2. Brush my teeth. (Although they don't feel AS clean)
3. Get dressed. (From the waist down.)
4. Shower. (Only 95% of the way. I can't raise my right arm to wash my right armpit, and I can't seem to figure out a way to wash my left armpit with my left hand. I'm just not very flexible that way.)
5. Wash my left hands fingers. (I just can't figure out how to wash my whole hand!)
6. Crack AND cook eggs! (Without any shell! Impressed?)
7. Make coffee. (I guess I've just never tried.)
8. Apply mascara. (I only poked my eyeball twice!)
9. Sort, wash and dry a load of clothes. (No folding though. I guess I could, but it would take forever, and it just seemed easier for Mike to do that.)
10. Pet the dogs. (But I'd really like to hug them with both arms!)

Ten Things I Can NOT Do with My Left Hand

1. Put on my bra. (This is crucial if I want to leave the house!)
2. Spread peanut butter on toast. (So I've been squeezing the honey bear instead.)
3. Tie my walking shoes. (Velcro?)
4. Drive. (I have to put the seat back so far to get in with my brace, my short legs won't reach the pedals! Pedal extensions?)
5. Hand wash dishes. (I'm sure if I really had to, I could figure it out.)
6. Paint my toenails. (Not even gonna try!)
7. Shave my legs. (Tooooo risky!)
8. Cut with scissors. (My teeth seem to be working great for opening things.)
9. Put on deodorant. (See #4 in the first list of 10 things.)
10. Eat with a fork. (This one seems so simple! Try it! I ate my salad with a Big Soup Spoon! Much easier.)

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. This is actually supposed to be really good for your brain. When you use your non-dominate hand for things that you don't normally use it for, you map all kinds of new pathways in your brain and you actually make your brain younger. Challenge yourself and use your left hand for all kind of things. Learn to use that fork, write love notes to Mike, draw pictures!!! This is great!! You are delaying dementia right now!! All kinds of new connections are being made between brain cells! Have fun getting smarter, Julie!

    1. great info Bert! now that i know that, i am trying even more!