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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 9, Post-op

Un styled hair, no make up, but clean and dressed!

Well, although I have only left the house one time, I feel like I have kept fairly busy and I see progress already!

The little, simple things take much longer, and due to the sleepless nights, I do get tired easily.

I was feeling pretty victorious about taking no prescription pain pills all day on Friday, until the effects of my first physical therapy exercises set in. Egads! I guess the ice packs and Advil just didn't quite do it.

Thursday was a super restless night in the guest room bed that I have been sleeping in. Yes, I sacrificed my bed to the dogs for the fear that Tucker would want to cuddle on top of my head or shoulder, which he tends to do. After six nights in the guest bedroom, I started to get really uncomfortable, and the bed just wasn't working out, so I took Mike's suggestion, and moved to the recliner. After a couple of pain pills, and Mike making the pillows just so, I crashed for about 8 hours! It was soooo nice.

Friday night, after doping up on pain pills from the exercises, I got all snuggled in the recliner for my second night of splendid slumber. No dice. Wasn't gonna happen. No way. I fell apart and whimpered myself into 10 and 15 minute light naps for the rest of the night. I think the meds make me cry. And after surgery, I messed up my birth control pills and may be just a tad emotional?

Saturday? I informed the entire family (Mike, Mishka and Tucker) that I would be rejoining them in the family bed! I got the pillows all situated, took meds, iced my shoulder, drank a cup of chamomile tea, and went to bed. Nope. Another sleepless night. Hope this doesn't last long, but I got a baaaaad feeling, it might.

Good the last two days, I have gotten more comfortable with the shower routine. I know. TMI. Buts its kinda crazy how the simplest of task can become such a challenge. I even shaved my legs! Left handed! (Thanks for the advice, Roberta!) I also figured out how to put on a tank top, alone, inserting my left arm (while dangling at my side, cuz thats the rule if it is out of the sling) first, then over head, then the left arm. It's quite comical, I'm sure.

This morning, I got really brave, and put on my bra. ALL BY MYSELF! That took forever, was a tad painful, and may not happen again for a few days, but it was an accomplishment that made me feel less dependent on my honey.

I dressed and did my hair as best as I could this morning. I think it might be a good thing I like hats!

Tucker has figured out that he needs to get permission before joining me on the recliner or couch, and Mishka's just glad I'm not locked up in the guest room any longer.

I have discovered I get light headed easily, so until I am off the prescription pain pills, it might be in my best interest to refrain from the treadmill.

Not a fan of the PT exercises. They all make me feel like my arm is being pulled out of the socket! I've never had that happen before, but I'm guessing.

I am realizing the simple task of cutting up an apple or peeling an orange take forever! Needless to say, banana's have been my fruit of choice.

I didn't weigh at home on Friday, but I think I look chubby. I didn't eat over my points last week, and I drank lots of water, but I am guessing sitting burns very little calories.

Working hard at tracking the last 2 days and curious to see what the scale will say at home on Friday. Maybe I can hitch a ride to a meeting? It would be good to get out for a bit. I'll consider.

I miss cooking, but have enjoyed the meals that have been brought over tremendously!

It's hard to take pictures with the iPad one handed, and the picture taking button is on the right side, so its really impossible to hold the iPad with your left and click the button. So my post are mostly pictureless!!

Basically, the sleeping part sucks, but I really feel much better than I anticipated I would 9 days out! Yay!

I think I have used this one recently, but it seemed like a goodie for today.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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  1. Bless your heart! I hate you arent sleeping:( If it were me I would snooze during the day every chance that I had! Enough about you, I have to update you, I ran my 1st marathon on Sunday! I finished under 5 hours. I was trained and ready and ran with a great team but I had no idea just how hard it would be!! AND I accepted a job offer from WW on tuesday:)