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Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Strategy.....Same Goals.....Changing up the Blog

I have been following another blogger, Roberta, for several months now. She read's my blog regularly as well. Click HERE to read Roberta's blog. Roberta recently reached her goal weight of 150 lbs. She went from 224 lbs to her goal weight of 150 lbs in about 11 months by counting calories and regularly exercising. She averaged a weekly loss of 1.8 pounds through most of her journey. Towards the end, things slowed down a bit, as that tends to happen the closer you get to goal, but she never quit, and Roberta is now training for a triathlon in August. She looks and feels amazing!

She recently blogged about needing a new project, besides her own current personal transformation into an athlete. I feel stuck and decided I needed a push. I asked her if she would be interested in "coaching" me to my goal? Maybe "I" could be her project? She loved the idea and came over today so we could brainstorm a way to get me there.....for real!

I have decided to take a break from "food blogging". I might change my mind later, but I am going to try something different and see what I think. This decision is based on a discussion I had today with my new "Coach". I will post my food journal showing my food choices and my points total, but I won't focus so much on picture taking and food prep and if it was a "Pinterest" recipe or not. I still feel that what I eat is obviously crucial to my weight loss and my health, but I am going to try to spend less time "thinking" about food, and spend more time focusing on the "non-food" related things that are involved in living healthy. My goals are still the same.

1. 150 pounds
2. Apply for a job as a WW Leader
3. Exercise regularly
4. Live a healthy life

My initial reason to blog, was to journal my journey, and use it as a tool for other WW members. It has evolved into more of a "Here's What I Ate Today" blog, which is important, but isn't satisfying the blog's purpose. The purpose of the blog is for me to learn about myself as I go, hopefully put out some useful information, and possibly entertain. I want to reach my goal before one more birthday, and before one more New Year.

After much chatting with Roberta today about how she succeeded, and why I make excuses, together, we came up with a plan.

First? I agreed to set a timeline goal of when I will reach my goal. This was the hardest part for me. I have always said I would get there, but by never giving myself a timeline, I wasn't fully committing. I know this. Admitting my fear of never really reaching my goal, but wanting myself and everyone else to know that I was always trying, was hard. Hence, "The Weight of my Weight".

I have 26 weeks to reach my goal.

Here is my new strategy that we came up with.

1. Chart my weight two times a week on a large graph posted on the bathroom wall. (Need to make that Monday!) Roberta suggest taking a weekly picture of myself too and placing them on the graph. So I will.

2. Allow myself 30 PPV a day, but no more. That allows me about half of my Weekly Extra Points Allowance, but limits me from using all of them.

3. While still in my sling, (2 more weeks) walk slowly for 10 minutes each day on the treadmill. My future exercise routine will include 45 to 60 minutes of exercise 6 times per week, with half of that being cardio.

4. Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

5. Drink alcohol only 2 times per month.

6. Read "Younger Next Year for Women", which Roberta gave me as a gift today! Roberta read it and blogged a lot about it. I won't blog as detailed as she did about it, but I will talk about some important highlights of the book.

Roberta is going to check in with me regularly, read my blog, and push me to do the right things to reach my goal. She was honest with me about the things I needed her to be honest with me about, and that was really helpful. She knew the timeline goal was difficult for me, but convinced me that setting that goal and charting my progress would do wonders. I agreed.

I still want my blog to have humor, be interesting and entertaining. I like to read blogs with pictures. If you read my blog regularly, and you think the "no food" picture ideas is a bad one, speak up! I'm curious.

I remind myself too, that I am only 23 pounds from my goal!

I may just blog less about food for a temporary time. At least until I can type with more than my left hand. :)

This blog took all damn day to type!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Probably cuz some "idiot" neighbor poked you in your recovering shoulder!! So sorry about that.
    Go Julie!

    1. So sorry! I was a ridiculous emotional wreck that entire day! Toooo many meds for this girl. :)

  2. I just spent the last hour catching up with you! Love the new ideas and focus of the blog. Awesome, Jules! Miss you. Beth from sunny South Africa :)

    1. Hope all is good! Was it weird for you and the boys to be there and have Ted in the USA? Keep posting pictures and stories! Loved the elephant pictures!

  3. Julie, I love this blog post! It's much longer than I thought it would be given the fact you can only type with you left hand. If you can do that, you can do anything!! I know you are going to achieve your goals in the next 26 weeks. You have accomplished so much already and now you are ready to finish the job! I'm glad you asked me to be your coach because we have so much to learn from each other. I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend.