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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Days Post-Op!

I would say that mostly, things are going as expected. When the Doc said that one week after surgery, I would regret having it, I am wondering if he was referring mostly to this darn arm/brace slingy thingamabob!

There is no way to put on a shirt that you "pull over", and attempting a bra at this point would be ridiculous! None of the shirts that I own that are button up would be comfortable at all under this brace, so I had a friend (THANK YOU, BECKY!) shop for a thin, zip up hoodie that I could just cut the arms off of! I figured after shower number two (which was WAY more successful than shower number one), I could actually put on some clothes, although Mike said he didn't really mind the new, topless Julie.

Whatcha think?

So far, sleeping has been terrible. (The brace can only be taken off for showering.) Monday was the best night so far. Hopefully I will get another one of those soon!

Mike has been a busy little bee lately taking care of me, taking all the phone calls regarding Tess' accident, still dealing with issues regarding "the vacation robbery" and shopping for Tess a car. Oh yeah, and trying to work from home while dealing with everything else and explain to the dogs that mommy will eventually be back in the bed with all of them very soon! (I am afraid Tucker will pounce on my shoulder, so I have kept mostly in the guest bedroom.)

Mike did find Tess a cute little Honda that was within our budget. The mechanic just called to say he thinks we got a heckuva deal! Yay! Good news!

I have kept within my points for the week, so that makes me happy. Although due to all of the drugs, I haven't had much of an appetite. :) I'm sure that will change over the next several days. As long as I keep the right foods in the house, and the wrong foods out of the house, I should do just fine!

I changed my walking goal. I decided two weeks after surgery, I should be able to start walking. I will get that confirmed tomorrow. I changed my goal to 200 miles in 12 weeks, instead of 150 miles. My original goal sounded very doable, whereas my new goal sounds like more of a challenge, and I think I need a challenge to focus on.

Well, I typed this all with my left index finger, and it is getting tired, so that's all for today!

I actually feel much better pain wise than I expected at this point, so that is SUPER!

(Basically this means, I successfully took my second shower without crying)

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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