Lake Fun!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


With each day that comes along, I try to do something new with only the use of my left hand. I must say, I have surprised myself.

It was a great feeling of independence just to figure out how to take my brace/sling off without any help. A mirror is a must for this one.

Then I decided I had to be able to shower and dry off without assistance. The only thing I can't wash at all is my left arm, so for a few seconds I get the water as hot as I can stand it and stick my left arm under the shower head. I'm certain it kills all the germs. :) Drying off at all is a challenge, and my front side is a bit of a balancing act while my right arm dangles at my side, and left arm does all the work, and my backside? Well, I have mastered it by making a cape with my towel, sitting on the shower seat and doing a little jig. All dry!

Next? Completely dressing. The bra is tricky, but mastered. Socks are interesting, but not as difficult as I expected. Tank top? Comical, but it's working. Walking shoes? Just leave them tied and use a shoe horn (my index finger). Zipping up a jacket? I am not supposed to be using my right hand for much at all, so I get the zipper together while seated, using both hands rested in my lap, then stand and press my tummy up against the wall to hold my jacket down while I zip up with my left hand! Ta Da!

Hair? Hat. Make-up? Light. I did wear some yesterday. Light eye liner and light mascara.

After getting completely dressed yesterday, I HAD to get out of the house, so I walked to the mailbox and got the mail! So much excitement!

Then I decided to see if I COULD fit in the drivers seat with my brace. Guess what? Plenty of room! So I took a drive around the neighborhood.

Then I got really brave.......and went to the grocery store! It felt great to be in the drivers seat and have complete control of my day!

After putting all the groceries away, I decided to attempt changing my sheets! I didn't really think I would be able to get the fitted sheet on with just my left hand, but after effort and patience, I DID IT!

Mike is now expecting small miracles. Oooooops.

I am going to make chili for the expected snow storm. Not sure about chopping onions or draining the fat off the meat with one hand. I do find that if I just start something, I usually figure out a way to finish it.

(Everything except reaching my goal weight. I guess I need that same motivation in my weight loss)

I have loved all the girl friend visits and prepared meals delivered! I have also greatly appreciated the phone calls from friends at the grocery store or Walmart to see if I need anything! Great friends, greatly appreciated!

Excited to go to lunch with a friend today, and a lunch outing scheduled tomorrow! The normalcy feels great!

I have not had a pain pill for two days, which allowed me to be able to drive, allows me to treadmill, and allows me Wine on Friday!!

Still not sleeping great due to just trying to find a comfortable position, (laying down on your back just doesn't really work, nor does either side, so its a reclined position, with no tossing and turning) but the pain has decreased significantly!

Looking forward to driving myself to WW on Friday morning! I will weigh, but unsure if I will share my results. I really feel chubby. Excited to get back at it. Might need Mike to chop up fruits and veggies to get me back to plenty of Power Foods!

Excited for more progress and Independence!

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Tip for draining the fat: pour your cooked meat in a strainer. I am assuming you can do that one handed?

    1. Good idea! Hadn't thought of that! :) I will drive over an onion for you to chop.maybe now is a good time for me to get that Cuisinart I've always wanted??

  2. Sounds like you are on the mend with a great attitude! :)