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Saturday, February 23, 2013

2 Weeks Post-op......Food Photo 's!

I went 5 full days and nights without pain meds, and was feeling quite successful, until 3:00 am Friday. Thursday was not one of my best days. Starting to feel a little anxious and a little restless, and just having a hard time getting comfortable, awake or asleep! So at 3:00 am I had TWO pain pills and drifted off to Never Never Land until 9:00 am. It felt great to finally get some solid sleep, but the pain prior to the meds was awful. Mike says my shoulder is probably going through some healing and I am feeling it......and I may have "Overdone" the last couple of days. True.

I had decided that two-weeks post-op, I would start walking and taking pictures of my food again. I weighed one day last week at home and about fell apart! But it must have been water weight or something, because this morning I was back at 173. Just a reminder.....I had gotten to 165, then gained over the holidays, and vacation, then had surgery. Not happy about this 170's situation, but eager to get out of it!

Cooking and meal prep has been much harder than I anticipated, but I am figuring things out. Due to the ridiculous snow storm here in KC, I was not able to get to my WW meeting Friday morning, and I know I really need it. Taking the pain meds makes me a little dizzy (and emotional!), so no treadmill yet.

I'd like my sense of humor back and my ridiculous weepiness to please go away! (Mike would probably like that too!)

Here are the days eats....


Egg Whites, turkey, cheese, salsa
Toasted Sandwich thins with jam
Coffee with skim milk



Leftover WW Mexican Casserole, delivered by a good friend!
(Thanks Kim!)


Happy Hour (I've missed it so!)

I didn't take pictures, and I drank too much, but I sure did enjoy my girl time!

Snacks 10 PPV
Wine 27 PPV

The food I ate and it's PPV

Breakfast = 7
Lunch = 8
Happy Hour = 37

Total = 52

Activity Points Earned Today = 0
Remaining points from my 49 Points Allowance = 23
How many glasses of water I drank today = 8

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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