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Friday, February 1, 2013

In my spare time on Thursday.......

......I read a little info on what to expect after Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery.

Let me start with why I had so much spare time. The dogs went to the groomer and I felt as though my children were at Mothers Day Out! And I LOVED it!

But.....then the carpet cleaners came. I think I might be experiencing some nesting for post-op.

The furnace guy also came, so I posted this on Facebook. I was in need of a little entertainment.

"So, the furnace guy is here....again. If I go missing, his name is Mark. I saw on a TV special that you should let someone know when you're home alone with a service guy. I thought I'd just tell everyone."

The comments that followed kept me entertained a while longer.

Then I tweeted it. I was really bored.

Then, everything was fixed and/or clean, so I picked up my babies.....all pretty and clean!



In my spare time though, during carpet cleaner guy and furnace guy......I did some reading.......and the Doc didn't lie. He said one week after surgery, I may regret having it, and two weeks after surgery, I may regret it even more. Weeks three and four I will start to adapt. From what I have read this morning, its all true. Aside from the pain during recovery, I hadn't put a lot of thought into all of the things I will have to do with my left hand, and my left hand only. I can barely WASH my right hand with my left hand while washing my hands, but I suppose that's about to change. I'm not complaining, I am eager to feel better and move on with the simple things that have become sleeping, showering, dressing, folding laundry, hanging laundry and just putting plates in the cupboard. I just hadn't put a lot of thought into NOT using my right arm at all for several weeks. How will I get my pants down to pee? How will I put on my BRA? These are currently my two biggest concerns, wetting my pants and tripping over my nipples. I guess I will just be spending lots of time in my robe. That could become depressing and I could get bored really quick, so I plan to spend lots of time writing stupid blogs (just using my left hand of course) that will most likely have absolutely nothing at all to do with Weight Watchers, or cooking or how many activity points I earned while walking on the treadmill, but more about the funny movies I watched and the amazing things I have learned to do with my left hand, like drink coffee or brush my teeth. Try it with your opposite hand. It ain't easy.

I am going to the library before surgery to check out some motivational books about life in general. I can't spend ALL day watching movies and drinking coffee. I could become really annoying on Facebook? Maybe I'll try Jenga with just my left hand? are a few interesting tidbits I found today on what to expect post-op.

1. GETTING WASHED: For the first 3 weeks you may need assistance to wash your un-operated arm, as you will not be able to use your operated arm for this. To dry yourself, it may be easier to put a toweling bathrobe on, which will help to dry your un-operated arm.

2. GETTING DRESSED: You will find it easier to wear front opening clothes. Always dress your operated arm first.

3. KITCHEN ACTIVITIES: This includes making meals, snacks and drinks for yourself. For the first 6 weeks you must use your un-operated arm for kitchen activities. After this time you may return to using both arms. AVOID LIFTING ANYTHING HEAVY FOR 3 MONTHS. At 6 weeks after surgery you may lift light items.

4. HOUSEWORK: Light housework may resume after 6 weeks. More strenuous housework should be avoided until 3 months after your operation.

5. It is important that the repaired tendons not be challenged until they have had a chance to heal. We recommend that you make no attempt to engage the repaired arm away from the side of the body, i.e. absolutely no reaching or lifting activities for a full 3 months. Light finger activities such as keyboarding, shuffling cards, buttoning your shirt will be permitted and may be initiated within a few days after surgery.

Well, I spent way too much time reading about what I will NOT be able to do and I did not spend any time taking pictures of the food I ate yesterday. I haven't skipped a food taking picture day in a really long time. I don't actually know how many points I ate yesterday either.

We had some family here last night, and between playing with the Grandkids (we built the coolest castle with sheets in the upstairs hallway!) and catching up on conversation, I was mindlessly snacking on the Delight Pizza!!

Toast with Peanut Butter

Shredded BBQ Pork and Broccoli Salad

Spinach Salad and Papa Murphy's Delight Pizza (too many pieces)

Friday morning is my first weigh in since vacation. I know I gained and I know I didn't get it all off this week, but I know some of it came off.

I am feeling a little nervous about eating out of boredom after surgery. I have removed ALL trigger foods from my house, so that's step one in avoiding that problem.

I will need to keep my mind busy so boredom eating doesn't become an issue, and I will keep lots of fruits and crunchy veggies available in case I do end up eating more than I should between meals.

I plan to focus hard on the The Power Foods this week and get 5 days of walking in. I want to go into surgery feeling positive, healthy and strong.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Yikes! That sounds like a hell of a surgery:( I don't know if it would help you but a few years ago my gall bladder burst (fat female 40) and I just happened to have a front opening jog bra. (maybe it was a nursing bra?) was comfortable to wear all the time and I could get it on and off myself.

    1. A bra that opens in front! Great idea! Thanks Libby! :)

  2. Egads - that doesn't sound like any fun at all. I think I'd spend as little time at home as possible. Sounds like lots of walking is in your future!! Call if you need anything!! Good luck! Enjoy the pampering you are sure to get from Mike. Do you have any idea how you damaged your rotator cuff?

    1. Agree.....lots of walking in my very near future. I think I tore it a bit years ago and just kind of dealt with it and didn't do things that agravated it. Then I must have torn it more throwing a ball? Lifting? Not sure. But just not tolerable now, and the physical therapy didnt make it better. :( You really do look amazing and I am sooo happy for you!