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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I have a WHOLE lot to say.......

First let me start with sending many prayers to all of the victims and their family members, and the police and medical staff and the runners and all of those affected by the bombings in Boston on Monday. We truly never know where we are safe. I will be thinking of these people and their families and praying for strength for all of them.

Now, I mentioned that we watched two of our grandkids over the weekend, but totally forgot to mention a few of the cute, and not so cute, things they had to say while staying with us.

Malik (age 6) wanted to know why I take so many showers. Admittedly, the number of showers has increased once I realized how good PT felt under the hot water, and since I am walking on the treadmill six days a week, it is not uncommon for me to shower twice a day, maybe three times. I am squeaky clean! He thought this seemed to be a bit much. He also has not outgrown the "why" question with most anything. That can be exhausting! But I try really hard to exhaust HIM with my answering every WHY question. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. :)

His Aunt, who is watching the kids during the week, posted this picture on Facebook. He made it at school today.

It say's...."I went to my Grandpa's and played" Then he drew the four of us.
So Stinking Cute!!!

Now Amiyah (age 3)....well......she was with me one afternoon while I changed clothes, and she said to me...."I see you fat butt and you fat wegs." I told her that was not a nice thing to say and she said (with her eyes super wide and her eye brows raised), "You not fat, just you butt and wegs are fat." To which I replied..."Yeah, I'm working on that."

She would also look at me randomly throughout the weekend and say....

"awkward", but it sounded more like....."okkkwarrrrrrrrrrd".

Goofy kids.

Now, moving on to my own kid.

Update. Tess graduated from Pitt State this past December 14th. On December 17th, she accepted a paid internship in Dallas with Southwest Airlines. Last Tuesday she interviewed for a full time position with Southwest Airlines. Today, she accepted Full Time Employment with Southwest Airlines and will be moving to Dallas permanently next month!!! I am so happy for her and HAD to share her awesome news!! She is ECSTATIC!!

Now, for my own news.

I went to the Surgeon Monday for a post-op visit. He said that I was a bit behind, which I was also told in Physical Therapy, but that it was not a big deal, and it seems to be the result of scar tissue that needs a little more work. Some people get it, some people don't. Some is more severe than others. Great. So, that really means pushing myself harder to work through it, and more frequent PT!! I don't really know how I will have time to do anything else except PT and the treadmill, but if that's what it takes, then that's what it takes. He said that every time I walk through a door, I should stop and try to slide my arm up the wall. (that is one of my fairly new exercises anyhow), and that while I am on the treadmill, I should hold a 2 lb weight in each hand and swing my arms as often and as far as I can. So I did that Monday night. Really got the heart up too!! The Doc showed me physically what he would like for me to be able to do in four weeks when I go back to see him, so I liked knowing exactly what I needed to work on, and plan to do so with a vengeance.

I really focused on Power Foods Monday in my effort to lose one measly pound this week. I drank lots of water and did the treadmill with the extra weights and arm swinging. After dinner, I still had 5 PPV left to fulfill my daily minimum of 26 PPV, but I really was not hungry. I decided to make a WW smoothie and add Peanut Butter Powder, so that still left me with 2 PPV, which I did not eat. I am not real sure how big of a difference that makes. I know you are supposed to eat a minimum for a reason, and I know exercising allows me to actually even eat more. I tried to call my coach, but we were on different schedules and the phone tag failed. Anyhow, I certainly feel successful about the decisions I made on Monday.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. I'm sorry I missed you last night!!! I tried calling back but it was too late, I guess. I just didn't hear the text. Maybe we can hook up tonight.

    Consuming a minimum number of calories a day, as a rule, is important. If you don't eat enough your body can try to hang on to it's reserves (fat) because it thinks you are going into a period of famine. Eating fewer points than your allotment for a couple of days, particularly after you ate over your allotment over the weekend, is not going to hurt you, so I wouldn't worry about it. You just don't want to eat too few calories on a regular basis or your metabolism will decrease making it harder to lose weight in the long run.

    All the PT and treadmill training you are doing is great and will go a long way towards offsetting a decrease in metabolism. Not only are you burning calories while you are exercising, you are raising your metabolism so that you are burning more calories while you're resting, too. Great job!!

    I should be home this evening...let's try to hook up.


  2. Oh yeah!! And what great news for Tess. You must be so PROUD!!!!! Congratulations!!