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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Great Day in Kansas City!

I am so glad Tess came in town for the weekend! These are the kind of days I miss the most with her being in Dallas. She really does love it there and is exploring the possibility of living there permanently. As sad as I am about her possibly moving away for sure, I love knowing she is happy exploring opportunities outside of the Kansas City area.

We decided to get in as much fun as we possibly could in one Saturday! My friend, Stephanie, and I had planned on a trip to City Market in downtown Kansas City, so when Tess said she was coming in town, we made a Girly day of it and Steph brought her daughter and one of her friends. The five of us headed out for a full day of fun!

It was a gorgeous Saturday, but it's early enough in the season that the market wasn't packed.

Just enough people to make it feel a bit festive!

This is a TWO pound Sweet Potato!

You know we needed a good rest after walking up and down all those aisles!

Steph got a great picture of the girls with the skyline in the background.
(One of us should have taken a picture of Stephanie!)

We had to check out the Italian Grocery store so I could show them the Octopus Salad! I always wonder who buys this!!! It's $16.99 a pound!

After a few snacks and a drink, we went to the West Bottoms for some antique/vintage shopping!

Little Miss traveler noticed every piece of vintage luggage we found! She really wanted this one!

Then I found drawers just like the ones from my grandmas showing machine!(I really will get that painting project done before summer!!) Look how cute someone painted these! Hey Look! There's Stephanie's foot in the bottom right!'

I began to feel light headed and thirsty, and the others seemed to agree, so we headed to Westport for lunch. (It was 3:30! No wonder I felt light headed!)

It was a perfect Girly afternoon!

I actually hopped on the treadmill early Saturday morning and did 30 minutes of walking and running between 4 mph and 5 mph, so I was staying on plan and feeling good!

I ended up having strawberries for dinner since I used up my points on one beer, one Bloody Mary and something for lunch called a Skillet Enchilada, which was actually loaded with veggies and I scraped off most of the crispy tortilla strips, but I feel good about the choices I made.

"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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