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Monday, April 29, 2013

Random Thoughts.......

Random Thought #1

I can't be the only one that says this to my husband.....

"Whatcha thinkin?"

And he responds with......


Rarely does he say to me........

"Whatcha thinkin?"

But yesterday, driving home from brunch, he did. I replied with......


To which he replied.....


To which I replied with.....

"We'll, that guy that just went flying by us on his motorcycle wasn't wearing a helmet, and as much as I get how freeing that feels and love riding a motorcycle, it just doesn't seem like a good idea. He really should be wearing a helmet. But then I saw that guy over there in that convertible and I thought, well, if he gets into a bad accident, he could really hurt his head, even if he is wearing a seatbelt, which motorcycles don't have (do sidecars?). So, should it be a law to wear a helmet if you have your convertible top down? Then I remembered it isn't a law in all states to WEAR a helmet and maybe it should be. But then I thought, well, you are a grown adult and maybe all states should let you decide how really bad you want to jack up your own head if you're in an accident. Then I thought, maybe it should be a LAW for everyone under the age of 16 to wear bicycle helmets, because kids get hurt all the time on bikes and maybe it makes more sense to have a law that protects children than it does to have a law that protects adults who should be able to figure out on their own what is safe and what isn't? Then I was thinking it really should be a law to wear a helmet if you are driving your convertible with the top down."

Then I looked at Mike and said......

"Yip, all that just went through my head in like the last 45 seconds. Aren't you glad you asked?"

Then he smiled and shook his head. We both agreed that those half helmet things are the most attractive and would feel the most comfortable, and totally protect your skull if you did wipeout. He didn't seem to have any input on the convertible helmet thought that I had.

Random Thought #2

Later in the day, we both had our cars out in the driveway cleaning them out. Mike was in and out of the garage cleaning it a bit too and mowing and all sorts of stuff that I was NOT doing. Our cars are the exact same lightish goldish color, and I think it looks really dorky like we planned it or something. Tess will be here today, and her car is the exact, same dumb color. She actually named her car. I have named several of my cars in the past. She has named ALL of her cars. Her first car was a Jeep, and I believe she named it "Jimmy", I could be wrong. Her second car was an old beast and she named it "Gertrude". It was sooooo appropriate. This third car is a gold Honda. She has named it "Goldie Honda", I think? I am going to try to name my car, and maybe Mike's car, by the end of the day.

Random Thought #3

It's short and simple, but important. I put up my new umbrella yesterday. I think it's super cool. It tilts AND has these solar powered tiny lights, so when we sit around the table in the evenings, it will all be lit up! BUT! When you close it, there is no stringy thing to tie around it to keep it closed while down, and I think that stringy thing tied around it helps to keep it from blowing away when the wind picks up! We had a small catastrophe one year when the wind picked up an umbrella and did lots of damage! Now I am going to be constantly going out to bring it in, and that just seems dumb.


Okay, now to my Weigh In on Friday. It went as expected. I knew I was up a bit, and it was true. The 0.8 pound that I lost the week before, came back. That really sucks, because that whole 164 something was a huge milestone. But it's okay, it will come off again. Saturday and Sunday went well with workouts and food, and it's a new week! I will HAVE to really work hard though this month, because my goal is to be at 160.0 by May 31st!

Who wants to be THIS guy for a day?????


"love the life you live, live the life you love"

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  1. Use a bungee cord. Those things are good for anything!