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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Obstacles......or Excuses??

So this whole 164 something has me all wigged out now because if things would have KEPT going the way that they WERE going, I should be sitting here at 163 something, not 165 something. Urg. I really have high hopes of being at 160.0 by May 31st because that will give me an entire THREE months (13 weeks) to lose the last 10 pounds, and the last ten pounds are kind of freaking me out anyhow. It is my goal to be at 150.0 by August 31st.

I am realizing that I have a lot of obstacles to face during the month of May, and I really don't want to turn them into excuses for not reaching my goals. Here.....let me tell you about them.

1. A road trip to and from Dallas to move Tess. I can plan snacks and we can NOT go out on the town while there. That kinda stinks, because when I'm with Tess, I feel like I am 25 and would like to act that way, but maybe not this time. Dang it!!

2. Our wedding anniversary. We don't have big plans, but Wine and a Nice Dinner out have become tradition. I suppose I could enjoy myself with a light dinner and ONE glass of wine. It really should be about spending a romantic evening with Mike more than the food anyhow.

3. A Cinco De Mayo party. Come know that THIS is all about the food and drink, no matter HOW cool your friends are. Maybe a MOCK Margarita and I plan on extra minutes on the treadmill to EARN anything I might eat that I might should NOT eat? Maybe a NEW OUTFIT and I do just focus on having fun with my friends and feeling good?? I am trying to figure out how to deal with these obstacles while I type this all out. Bare with me here.

4. A wine tasting with friends. This will be with a couple of Weight Watcher member friends and their hubby's, so I am expecting no pressure from this group to eat or drink anything I decide to pass on???? You people know who you are!! :)

5. The following weekend is a house party at a friends, where I know I will be surrounded with yummy food and drink options. I think my best bet here is to eat before I go, extra minutes on the treadmill, and leave a specific amount of points available to use while at the party.

6. The weekend after THAT, a trip to the lake for a nice long Memorial Day Weekend. No matter how well I plan for a trip to the Lake, I ALWAYS eat and drink more than I plan on. I usually do a good job of getting in ONE good morning walk. My best game plan here is just to do my best and take low point snacks and hope I have the wisdom to eat them over the high point options that I know I will be surrounded with. This will be the weekend before my goal of 160.0. As far as I'm concerned, this one is going to be the most difficult obstacle.

7. The LAST Friday in May, we are going to Nashville with our Dominican Republic-Spring Break group to see if we can have a trouble free trip. (I just feel like someone might see the inside of a jail with this group.) This too, will be difficult. I should weigh 160.0 the morning we leave for this trip. Meeting my goals before this trip should help to keep me motivated to stay on plan while on this trip.

So, I have a lot of things coming up that are traditionally celebrated with Food and Drink and I am kind of FREAKING OUT!!!

Writing this all out though, has helped it not seem as bad as I initially thought, but the weekend at the lake will for certain be the most challenging for me.

While on the treadmill Monday morning, I was thinking about what all I could do to make up for the gain and lose as much as possible by Friday. I actually will have to weigh at home on Thursday morning, because I will be in Dallas on Friday morning, but in an effort to make that weigh in the best that it can be, I decided I would add some minutes to the treadmill. I have been mixing things up a bit with running a little here and there, but when I walk at an incline of 7% for an hour, I like the way it makes me feel. I like that steady thing and I feel like I could walk forever. I decided I would walk for 80 minutes. Then at 80 minutes, I decided I had no place I had to be today, so why not walk for 90 minutes, but since I was going 3 mph, that would put me at 4.5 miles, and I'm weird about marking half miles on my chart, (I did it once, but walked an extra half mile the next day to make it an even number) so I walked for 100 minutes at 3.0 mph at a 7% incline and added FIVE miles to my chart.....AND.....according to my Weight Watchers E-Tools, earned myself 8 Activity Points! I'll TAKE it!!

I have now completed 135 miles!

I LIKE the way this looks!

Apparently, my treadmill kicks OFF at 100 minutes, so I had to restart the time, which stunk, because I was all excited to take a picture of it, but it didn't reset all of my numbers, so I got to take a picture of the DIST of 5.046 miles walked (in 101 minutes and 14 seconds) It says I burned 900 calories. The calories burned on this treadmill have never seemed to be accurate, but I would LOVE to know how many calories I DID burn. If my legs can stand it, I will do this again today, because when I weighed this morning, I was pleased with my results.

Mondays Eats.........(also pleased with this!)

"Love the life you live, live the life you love"


  1. Think about the weekend at the lake this way. When you exercise and eat right and don't drink to much you feel great! When you don't exercise, you eat too much, and you drink too much you feel crappy. When you have a whole weekend to spend with your husband and friends, when you are on vacation, do you want to feel GREAT or do you want to feel CRAPPY? When you are wearing a bathing suit all day, do you want to feel your best or do you want to be bloated and puffy? Think about how hard you work to feel great when you are not on vacation. Why would you then go on vacation just to feel yucky because you didn't exercise, you ate too much and you drank too much? Change things up a bit. Aside from time on the lake, see if you can get everyone to go on a hike or play some volleyball. Prove to yourself that you can get through this month and lose 5 pounds!!! You have already proven to yourself that you are great at maintenance. Just the end of August you will be at 150. Then all you have to do is maintain. You already know that you can do almost everything you love to do and maintain your weight, for the rest of your life. So, yes, you have to "sacrifice" a few good times to get there, but you will have so much more fun and feel so much better about yourself for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! Don't make excuses. Just jump those hurdles and dodge the obstacles. Make this you best month ever!!!!!! You got this thing, Julie!! I believe in you!!! And guess what, you believe in you, too!!! Go Julie!!! May is going to be a kick ass month!!!

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